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Projects of LOOM Lab

Laboratory Of Open Matters (LOOM) is a collective research platform that stimulates the collaboration of scientists, artists, faculty and students to combine their expertise, write critical and theoretical reflections, share knowledges and processes to work with life sciences technologies and cooperate on the organization of workshops, symposiums and meetings.

2018 – MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit – Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show, Arizona

2018 – Uncertainty Fashion Show (Special Collection), Arizona

2018 – Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel Urban Media Art Kitchen, Berlin

2018 – Essex Peabody Museum, MA

2017 – Exhibition at ISWC’ 17, Hawaii

2017 – Exhibition at IEEE VIS’ 17 (Guest), Arizona

2017 – Exhibition at  ISEA : International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Columbia

2017 – Biomimicry : Inspired by Nature Exhibition at National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taiwan

2017– International Juried Exhibition of Wearable Art, USA

2017 – Exhibition at WOW, World of Wearable Art, Wellington, New Zealand

2017 – Tiffany 70th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet, Cannes, French Riviera

2016 – First Place, Paris Fashion Week, Tiffany’s Fashion Show, Paris, France

2016 – The Grand Rumi International Fashion Award, USA

2016 – IDEA Museum, Arizona – Sci-Fi: Fantasy to Reality exhibition

2016 – Global Biomimicry Design Challenge

2016 – Best Evening Attire Award at the Rumi Awards, USA

2016 – Best Paper Award, Waset Team and the International Science Council, Paris, France

2016 – Best Presentation Award, Waset Team and the International Science Council, Singapore

2012 –  Best Craftsmanship Award, One Place Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

2007 – National Design Award nominee, Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum


by | Apr 2, 2019