Mallika Kripalani

Mindfulness Teacher, Teacher

Research Interests: attention, child development, education, resilience, stress management


Mallika is an elementary school teacher who has worked at international schools in Singapore for over 11 years. Her background was originally in the insurance industry, but she soon realised that her passion lay in teaching. What she has come to realise since starting her own practice of mindfulness, is that children are taught all the academic skills they need but there also needs to be a focus on the life skills of resilience, managing stress and increasing concentration and attention. Mallika feels that mindfulness is needed by young people and adults today, especially in our content-saturated world of technology. Learning mindfulness skills, which can be applied every day, can bring greater clarity and peace of mind.

Fannie Kiat Hui Khng

Psychologist, Researcher

Research Interests
attention, child development, cognitive psychology, executive functions, inhibition, mindfulness

Fannie is a research scientist with the Education and Cognitive Development Lab at the National Institute of Education, in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her main research focus is on the cognitive science of learning, development, and performance, on both behavioral and neurophysiological levels. She is particularly interested in the study of inhibitory control and attention, and their role in cognitive-emotional self-regulation in children and adolescents. Her work includes investigations into the effects, mechanisms and boundary conditions of mindfulness, and mindfulness in education.