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Profile of our PhD Students

Our PhD scholars come from Singapore and overseas. All of them have been awarded the NTU Research Scholarship to undertake their PhD studies in MKT. They are at different stages of the PhD programme, with some doing the required coursework while others are at the PhD candidacy stage. Every PhD student has to complete a minimum of 8 courses during the programme.

The PhD scholars are also given the opportunity to perform some research assistant and teaching responsibilities. These experiences combined with their PhD qualifications will make them more marketable when they apply for academic positions in Singapore or overseas.

Assistant Professor Irene Huang is the PhD Chair for the Division of Marketing (MKT).
Currently, we have 6 PhD students in the programme and they are:

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1) Priyanka GUPTA (India) 🇮🇳
    • Research Interests: Substantive: Retail competition; technology in emerging markets Methodological: Dynamic spatial models; demand system estimation; field experiments
    • Dissertation Topic: Essays on spatial price competition
    • Supervisor: Asst Prof Sadat Reza
    • Current Projects:
      1. Spatial effects and inter store price competition among geographically connected retailers in the carbonated soft drinks category, with Sadat Reza and Juin-Kuan Chong (Work-in-progress)
      2. Mobile apps and productivity in consumer packaged goods distribution in emerging markets: evidence from a randomized controlled trial, with Sadat Reza, Puneet Manchanda and Ashraf Taj (Work-in-progress)
      3. A spatial econometric model for demand system estimation in the differentiated goods market, with Sadat Reza (Work-in-progress)
2) ZHANG Xueli (China) 🇨🇳
  • Research Interests: The intersection of machine learning and marketing, specifically on text mining, image mining and social media. He’s now working on a project investigating the predictive power of the differences between product images posted by firms and image reviews from consumers on product return across many product categories through extensive experiments. The differences between seller-generated images and user-generated images reflect the differences between the expected and realized product quality. To quantify the differences, he extracts features from online product images by using traditional image aesthetics measures and advanced deep learning techniques.
  • Supervisors: Asst Prof Sadat Reza and Asst Prof Chen Yupeng
3) BHARTI Mehak (India) 🇮🇳
  • Research Interests: Understanding online consumer behaviour such as the implications of understanding the effect of selfie taking or candid imagery with the brand etc. Other main topics of investigation in her research include the impact of consumers’ cultural background, gender, and consumer mindsets in various consumption contexts.
  • Supervisor: Assoc Prof Sharon Ng
4) ZHANG Lijun Shirley (China) 🇨🇳
  • Research Interests: Consumer health and understanding how social comparison would affect consumer behaviors. She is also interested in investigating the conflicts between the health goal and the financial goal and how it might influence consumer health.
  • Supervisor: Assoc Prof Elaine Chan
5) TANG Qing (China) 🇨🇳
  • Research Interests: Brand perception and sensory marketing
  • Supervisor: To be determined
6) WANG Ruoding (China) 🇨🇳
  • Research Interests: Modeling consumer heterogeneous preferences and social influence through consumer-generated content in e-commerce. She also has interests in examining effect of firms’ strategies on consumer behavior and sales.
  • Supervisor: To be determined
Graduand Supervisor(s)
1 BAE So Hyun (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong) Dr Sharon Ng
2 MUKHOPADHYAY Soumya (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India) Dr Tuck Siong Chung
3 PATHAK Abhishek (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: University of Dundee, Scotland) Professor Gemma Calvert
4 LIU Jenny Xiao Yan (2016) (Graduated 2016; placement: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China) Dr Sharon Ng
5 BASU Shankha (2017) (Graduated 2017; placement: University of Leeds, UK) Dr Sharon Ng
6 ZHU Liang Benjamin (2017) (Graduated 2017; placement: ShenZhen University, China) Dr Christine Lim
7 KUO Tzu-Yin, Vicky (2018) (Graduated 2018; placement post-doc at Columbia Business School Dr Elison Lim & Dr Kuangjie Zhang
8 MADAN Shilpa (2018) (Graduated 2018; placement Singapore University of Social Sciences) Dr Elison Lim & Dr Sharon Ng
9 LI Shaobo (2019) (Graduated 2019; placement Southern University of Science and Technology) Dr Kuangjie Zhang & Dr Sharon Ng

PhD Student Publications

Lim, C. and  Zhu, L. Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Data Analysis of Tourism Demand for Singapore. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, Published Online (2017.05).

Zhu, L., Lim, C., Xie, W. J. and Wu, Y. Analysis of Tourism Demand Serial Dependence Structure for Forecasting. Tourism Economics, Published Online (2017.02).

Zhu, L., Lim, C., Xie, W. J. and Wu, Y. Modelling Tourist Flow Association for Tourism Demand Forecasting. Current Issues in Tourism, Published Online (2016.08).

Madan, S., Basu, S., Lim, E. & Ng, S. (2018), “The Appeal of Beauty and Physical Attractiveness: An Indian perspective" in Perspectives on Indian Consumers Eds. Durairaj Maheswaran & Thomas Puliyel, Oxford University Press: India.

Mathur, P., Madan, S. & Basar, B. (2017, in press), “Consumer Mindsets" in Perspectives on Indian Consumers Eds. Durairaj Maheswaran & Thomas Puliyel, Oxford University Press: India.

Madan, S. & Gaur, S.S. (2016), Magic Water Saver: Driving Sustainability at the Bottom of the Pyramid. The Case Center, UK. (Winner of the Case Center Global Case Writing Scholarship, 2015).

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