We have created a handy database where you can look for answers to frequently asked questions. You can search for a topic or simply browse through the categories. If more help is required, simply email us at askalibrarian@ntu.edu.sg.

Some of the top FAQs are –

(1) Can electronic resources subscribed by NTU Library be accessed remotely?

Yes, many electronic resources subscribed by the NTU Library can be accessed remotely.

The Library uses an ezproxy service to offer remote access. Current NTU staff and students need to authenticate and log in using their NTU network username and password. Please include your specific domain as displayed:


Visit http://www.ntu.edu.sg/library/databases to select the resource that you want to remotely access.

(2) How do I know what databases to use for my research?

You can access NTU-subscribed databases via our database list. It is organized in 2 ways:

The subject list organizes the list of databases according to subject areas. You can use that as a gauge to choose an appropriate database. Beside each database title, there is a little round icon with a letter “i”. Click it to access the Database Information page and view more details about that particular database such as, database description, topics covered, whether citation only or full-text is provided, the range of years covered and the size of the database, etc. Electronic databases may be networked or standalone. Networked databases can be accessed remotely as long as you have a NTU network account ID and key it in the form of studentusername or staffusername.

If still unsure, you can always look at the Subject Guides or or contact your Subject Librarian for assistance.

(3) How do I find books?
You can use the One Search box on the Library Homepage or go straight to the library catalogue at http://opac.ntu.edu.sg.
(4) Where can I find digital copies of NTU theses/Final Year Projects/attachment reports?
Digital copies of past NTU theses/Final Year Projects/attachment reports can be found in the Digital Repository (Restricted Access).

  1. Go to Library Homepage
  2. Under Finding Information, click on DR-NTU (Digital Repository – NTU)
  3. Click on DR-NTU (Restricted Access)
  4. Enter your NTU network username and password if prompted (without the student or staff domain).
  5. All digital copies of theses/Final Year Projects/attachment reports are in pdf formats.

(5) How do I find exam papers?

You can access past year exam papers at http://www.ntu.edu.sg/Library/collections/Pages/ExamPapers.aspx

(6) How can I find journals?

The Library maintains an alphabetical listing of subscribed electronic journals. It is known as the NTU Library Subscribed E-journals: A-to-Z List. You can run a search on the journal title to see if NTU Library is subscribed to it. Click on the databases listed in the result to access the e-journal.

If we do not have an electronic copy, you may like to check if we have a print copy. Search for the title in the Library catalogue, restricting your search to ‘journal title’ or contact your Subject Librarian for assistance.

(7) How can I find newspapers?

Copies of various local newspapers as well as International Herald Tribune and the Asian Wall Street Journal Asia are available in most of our libraries. You can check at the Service Desk or call the respective library for more information.

  • Local and overseas newspapers are also available online in the Factiva or LexisNexis databases.
  • You can access Factiva or LexisNexis from our Database page.
  • Please go to ‘F’ or ‘L’ under the Alphabetical List and look for Factiva or LexisNexis
  • You must be a NTU staff or student with a valid NTU network account. When prompted, please key in your network profile in the form of studentusername or staffusername and your password.

(8) Can I request the library to find materials that are not available in the library's collection?

NTU Library offers services to help our researchers locate and obtain copies of research materials that are not found in the Library’s print or digital collections.

(9) Does NTU Library provide printing services?

The NTU Library provides network printing service at all NTU libraries except Wang Gungwu Library.

The service is run by a commercial vendor. The current vendor is Campus Supplies Pte. Ltd. If you have any queries about network printing, you can contact them at +65 6793 5980.

The service is available to all NTU academic and research staff, under-graduate and graduate students, and other registered members of the NTU Library.

Please refer to http://www.ntu.edu.sg/library/facilities/Pages/printing.aspx for details on operating hours, charges, payment, print-out collection and etc.

(10) Where do I return my library materials?
You may return items at the Service Desk or through book deposit bins located on campus and outside each subject library.
Materials borrowed from one subject library may be returned at another subject library.
Note that items from the Reserve Collection and books with accompanying materials (eg. CD-ROM) have to be returned to the service points from which you had borrowed the items.

Additionally, NIE Library materials have to be returned to NIE Library and the same goes for materials from the RSIS Library.

More details at http://www.ntu.edu.sg/library/membership/rules/Pages/Return.aspx