My experience at the Royal Ontario Museum by Ratnawati Erlimus


The Royal Ontario Museum holds 8,000 bones, one of the biggest Oracle Bones collections outside China, and I managed to rehouse and catalogue 1,107 bones during my internship program.

Rehousing of Shang Dynasty Oracle Bones (甲骨 jiǎgǔ) was the main project of my internship program from 27 May to 2 August 2019. The project sought to rehouse and label each bone from the Menzies collections with the museum’s accession numbers, Menzies reference number, and a copy of the rubbing prior to cataloguing them. It aimed to present the collections to be accessible for research and scholarship in Canada and beyond.

There were four steps I adopted in completing the rehousing project; the first step was selection, followed by housing and labels, and the last step was cataloguing.

To know more see attached article from the newsletter of Bishop White Committee of Royal Ontario Museum Canada 2019


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