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Leadership is an art that you have to learn. Your formal education and years of work experience teach you how to be a leader. An MBA brings you even closer to your goals. Simultaneously, you will be meeting individuals who may become your mentors. There is yet another source of inspiration and motivation that will guide you toward your goals – leadership experts in the online space. Following a top business executive’s blog can make a big difference to the way you think and apply what you are learning in the classroom.


Here are 10 blogs you should follow:

This leadership coach is based in Canada but known for his work all over the globe. His blog is full of inspiring posts that like to focus on parallels between leadership and other aspects of life. For example, he posted a feature about Olympic stories that could make you want to be a better leader. Naseer comes from a scientific background that gives him a unique approach to business coaching. He aims to help people develop leadership skills by understanding business processes in organisations.

Also based in Canada, Sharma writes and speaks extensively on leadership. A former lawyer, he is known for his Lead without a Title methodology. When you read his books and blog, you’ll realise that he cares about developing leadership abilities of employees in different positions at the workplace, so there’s something for you regardless of your role and designation.

Kjerulf is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc. He is an expert on happiness at work. His blog is regularly updated with posts that share detailed tips on personal growth and much more. According to him, positivity is the key to success.

Hyatt believes in helping others, so you’ll get lots of helpful advice on his blog. For instance, one of his posts taught the readers how to install WordPress on a server in under 20 minutes. His posts provide practical tips with clear routes telling you how to go from START to FINISH. His blog covers topics such as productivity, social media and publishing, which is his specialisation.

Rockwell has been in leadership roles since nineteen and started his blog with the desire to make a difference in everybody’s lives – every day. Many of his readers say they follow his blog for daily motivation and tips. The concise nature of his posts makes reading easier for busy people like MBA students.

This blog is hosted by Aaron Lynn and Thahn Pham, two authors who give advice based on their personal experiences. The tone of the content is fun and goes with its de-stressing theme – using technology to achieve efficiency and reduce stress. This blog will prepare you to use techniques that will enable you to complete work intelligently and efficiently.

Mazza started this blog after her father left behind a note to honour his memory with acts of kindness. Thus, Random Acts of Leadership combines the topics of good leadership and good deeds and lets you know how to find success in your career and your personal life.

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning partners with its clients to create leadership development solutions. The blog, Leading the Way, brings together Harvard Business Review authors to write about their management insights, thought leadership and expertise areas. This blog puts an emphasis on the latest thinking, research and frameworks that can address all sorts of challenges you could face.

Seth Godin is the founder of Squidoo, a website platform that allowed users to create pages called lenses in order to sell products or raise money for charity. Hub Pages recently acquired Squidoo, and Godin continues to blog using his stream-of-consciousness like writing style. His posts are popular for their honesty and conversational structure. Sign up for it because you won’t want to miss his valuable advice on improving performance and understanding all kinds of professional environments.

Branson is the founder of Virgin Group, a global business empire with hundreds of companies. He’s been in the news for his unconventional ideas. For example, he’s a supporter of working on the beach or wherever else you can be most relaxed and productive. His blog posts don’t single out a single audience and instead apply to start-ups and traditional businesses alike.

It’s your job to stay in touch with the business sphere while you’re balancing work and the MBA life. Realise how lucky you are to have access to such accomplished leaders and let them push you to do your best.

Which are your must-visit blogs? Don’t forget to share your favourites in the comments below.

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