Our Movie Club

Author: Sunil Tulsiani, India

An MBA, they say is an opportunity to further your career, have the flexibility to take courses you want and not about the ones you have to, it is about networking, and all those good things you need to take you to the next level in the corporate world. At NTU you get all that and more, you have the flexibility to pursue any and all your
interests. Hence, it is no wonder that we have multiple student run clubs for sports (Futsal, Badminton, tennis, etc), CSR, Industry specific clubs etc …

I started the Movie Club the same way with a group of movie enthusiasts who got together to organise movie nights on campus. The objective of the club was to leverage on the different nationalities we have here at The NANYANG MBA and watch movies from all over the world, helping at times to understand where our fellow class mates came from. Many a movie nights led to discussions post the movie about certain culturally specific nuances and in some cases the stereotypical biases about different nations.

We also indulged ourselves at times with documentaries that helped raise awareness about the current global scenarios. All in all, the Movie Club is a fun way to spend an evening and take a break from our rigorous schedules, and at the same time learn a little. The MBA office has been gracious enough to provide us with rooms with large
projectors to enhance our movie watching experience and at times has been generous enough to get us Pizza’s!

The Movie Club is just one example of the freedom we have at here to pursue our interests and how supportive the MBA office is in helping us organise events. An MBA has to be an all rounded experience and here at Nanyang, I’m glad I get just that opportunity.

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