It’s not the end, just the beginning!

Author: Calista N., Sweden

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog entry. Although we keep telling each other “It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning!”, we all know that the bond and camaraderie is something we will miss the most when we part ways. Inevitably, since we have become like a tightly-knit family for the past year.

As the months and days crept to the end of Trimester 3, I knew for sure this would be a different kind of goodbye. Most of my cohortmates are flying off for their exchange programs, and most of them are also continuing their stints overseas with summer programs, which span until the end of Trimester 4. Thereafter, they would either return to their home countries or like most, continue to scour the world to build their global careers.

We are troopers! T1 done…T2 done…T3 done!

Birds of the same MBA feather!

Here’s representing America, Europe and Asia.

A priceless momento – a memory etched forever

For me, it’s very simple. I came to Asia knowing exactly how I wanted the end of my program would be. I have just secured an internship here in Singapore, with an international consulting firm, and if that turns out well, I will be offered permanent employment with the company.

While gaining some work exposure in Asia, I will also attempt to fulfill my dreams of travelling around Asia. I absolutely love its culture, rich history and learn the different ways of life. And who knows? I may even want to settle down here, get married and have kids raised in an exotic Asian environment!

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