Let's do exersice – Friendly Bowling Competition

by Ng Wei Fang, Singaporean, Nanyang MBA Participant, Intake 2011

Engaging in sports is one of the many venues to foster team spirit and camaraderie, and often times it brings out the best in people – to become leaders, team players and great supporters in a ‘more fun way’. That is why we recently had our first bowling event where we had all the ingredients we want in a sports activity – getting fit, having fun and fostering team spirit and camaraderie with not only with our MBA peers, but also with the MBA Office staff.

Our batch’s first ever organized ‘friendly bowling’ tournament was held last September at the Orchid Bowl at The Chevrons, a vibrant and relaxing bowling facility located in the west side of Singapore. There were over 50 MBA participants from our batch (new cohort) and outgoing batches, together with members of the MBA Office who participated and shared the fun with each other

As The NANYANG MBA prides itself with its student diversity (well, we have 18 nationalities in our current cohort!) and how we work together as a team, we were divided into 8 groups that consist of a mix of at least 2 nationalities. Our teamwork came into play in a different setting – bowling! As our Thai classmate Chaweewan puts it, “The bowling session creates unity within the cohort. We get to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. It also creates a good opportunity for the full-time MBA students to meet with our part-time classmates.”

As the games progressed, we witnessed strikes, spares and splits. We screamed and cheered, even if the ball rolled into the gutter. Curved balls, dead balls and even gutter balls – you name it, we have done it. And the way these balls were thrown, add up to the excitement and anticipation whether we could make a strike or just hit the plain gutter. In fact, there were many tries that went down the drain. Nevertheless, we had fun, and our resilience to be the best in what we can do in bowling, just shows that we strive to beat the odds, in whatever we do. And I believe that this makes us Nanyang MBA students to be more successful later in life.

The night ended with good laughter, fun and friendship. Yodhavee, another peer from Thailand, quips, “It was good to hang out and do some exercise. Though we only played just a normal sport of balls and pins, there is a feeling that you are well supported by your friends. Even when the bowl was bad, there was a lot of encouragement. We just laughed and tried harder the next bowl.” Hung Yu Chiu, our classmate from Taiwan, strongly shares the same thoughts, too, “It was a great team building session, just like we had during our MBA orientation. It was also a great way to have fun and network at the same time.”

After 2 nerve-wrecking games, the team of MBA students Dora, Harry, Merina, Mandar and Sharon together with our Admissions Director, Nick Soriano were hailed as the winners of the bowling tournament. Thru points, there were was only one team who won, but we all felt as winners that afternoon by being able to survive the event with fond memories to remember, and learning further about team work in a different setting, apart from the academe. For sure, this game will never be the last.

Do I hear a call for a re-match?

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