Getting Ready for Leadership using Reiss Profile

By Claire Kwa

REISS 1-Edit

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, great for a breather and moments of relaxation. However some sacrificed this pocket of time for the opportunity to be introduced to Reiss profiling tool.

Organized by Nanyang MBA Women in Business (WIB) club, together with Executive Coach International and Reiss Asia, the workshop was set up with the intention to introduce this scientifically validated profiling tool to current and future managers. The club also opened the event to non-members.

Reiss Profile is based on human personalities that are intrinsic and genetically predisposed. Dr. Steven Reiss, the former Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry of Ohio State University (USA) created the Reiss profile test by studying the 16 basic desires which is the basis of all our personalities.

“Take the lead” -Part of the REISS profiling tool.

With the objective to develop leadership skills in its members, the WIB club invited Executive Coach international to provide an insight into the application of the Reiss Profile in leadership styles.

A sample profiling test was issued some days before the workshop itself to individual participants. The feedback was given almost instantaneously. Armed with the feedback, the participants were given a deeper insight into what it means for them in terms of personal growth and managing others.

Chaweewan Gatepithaya,from Thailand, describes the workshop aptly, “Reiss provided me an assessment that is relevant for me to understand myself better and how I can motivate myself to bring out my personal power in both work and personal life.”

In conjunction with the “coaching module for managers” launched by the school recently, the Reiss tool was also included as a complementary tool for those who had attended the coaching module.

We saw the power of the tool in understanding consumers. Ultimately, the participants have their own takeaways , as they now have access to this powerful tool.

It was a long yet fulfilling day attending the REISS profiling workshop. However, I feel that the Reiss profiling tool allows me to better understand myself – and others too.


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