Management Consultancy Club organises " Walk the Talk" with fellow MBA participants as speakers

By Sandeep Bhuyan

On November 25th 2013, the Management Consultancy club organized its first event “Walk the talk”.  The event was organized as an information sharing session among the cohort’s members. MBA students who worked previously as consultants shared their experiences and knowledge about their consulting job. The purpose of this event was to expose MBA students to different types of consulting, to familiarize them with what working as a consultant looks and feels like, and to guide them how to look for jobs in the particular fields.

Jason, Rey and Akshay Sharing on their experience
Jason, Rey and Akshay Sharing on their experience

We had a total of 8 speakers   and 20 students attending the event. The speakers represented many different industries. Jackson spoke about Risk consulting, Emily shared her experience on oil refining, Vicky on development consulting, Akshay about technology consulting, Rey on HR and Tax and Mohammed, Sukhjeet, Charu shared their experiences on management consulting.

Mohammed, Charu and Vicky in Action
Mohammed, Charu and Vicky in Action

Each of the speakers spoke about their qualification, how they made into the job, experience and one particular project. They had their own style of presentation- some used designer slides, some used whiteboard-marker, some spoke directly and tried their best to make us understand the nitty-gritty of their industry. The attendees in turn asked many questions specific to the jobs and tried to find out what they need to do if they want to join a particular type of consulting.

Walking the Talk_img03
Token of Appreciation from the club

Thanks to the MBA office for dinner and token of appreciation presented to all the speakers. And the speakers specially for the presentation, enthusiasm, warmth, and confidence.

Students listening to the talk / Dinner
Students listening to the talk and dinner time


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