Singapore Delights & Exco Election Party

Submitted by Reina Wong, Student Exco VP Communications


One of the important events in our first month of the MBA program was the MBA Student Exco Elections. Nominees gave their election speeches during the Meet-The-Voters session on 15 August and the voting was held over the following two weekends.

The results of the election of the Exco and the Club Co-Chairs can be found here.

The first event that the Exco organized was the Singapore Delights & Exco Election Party held on 22 August. The class was invited to the MBA Lounge to have an evening of food and fun.


Since about four-fifths of the class is madeup of non-Singaporeans, local delights including chili crabs, black pepper crabs, fried rice and fried beehoon were served during the party.


After everyone had their stomach filled with the delicious food, we invited our President, Mathew, and our Executive Vice Preseident, Jiajia, to each give us a speech on getting elected, and a general outlook they have for the class.


We look forward to an exciting year ahead with the many events that the MBA Student Exco will bring to the class.


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