A Trip to Sentosa Island

Submitted by Stephanie Zhao, Co-Chair of the Wine, Beer & Liqueur Appreciation Club


Date:  Saturday October 4th

After going kayaking the week before, many of us still had not had enough of the sea. Despite a rainy and cloudy weather forecast, we decided to try our luck at Sentosa beach.

We left the grad hall at 12:30pm by cab for Vivo city, where we grabbed a Mediterranean meal at La Viva. For some of us, it was the first time trying out Spanish food. It was a rather successful try: nothing was left in the plates.

2014.10.05 Sentosa (4)

As soon as we finished, we headed to the tram for Sentosa beach. Unfortunately for the most excited ones, they had to learn to be a bit patient, because lots of Singaporeans also thought of going there on that day. We finally reached Sentosa after 30 minutes of queuing.

2014.10.05 Sentosa (1)

We found a spot to accommodate our troop. We put out our towels and changed into swim suits.
The guys led by sports club co-chairs immediately started playing football. We later on switched to playing volleyball.

2014.10.05 Sentosa (3)

The beach was extremely crowded that day, which made us a bit reluctant to go into the water at first. However, once in the water, we stayed there until dark playing games and just relaxed.

2014.10.05 Sentosa (2)

After such sporty activities, the famished group sought for a dining place at Vivo city. The night ended at around 10pm, and we took a taxi to come back to grad hall for a well-deserved rest.


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