CSR Club Visits Children’s Home

Submitted by Ho Xiaoyuan, Co-Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club


On 15 Nov 2014, the CSR Club organised a trip to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, as part of the partnership with Nanyang Community Club in the Christmas Make a Wish project for the needy children. The Home provides care, protection and shelter to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

​During our time at the home, we interacted and played with the children. An important part of our task was to help them to decorate their wish cards for the Christmas, indicating the gifts they would like to receive for the coming holiday. They also wrote thank you cards in advance to show appreciation to the donors for their gifts.

The wish cards will be displayed on a Christmas Tree in Nanyang Community Club and the public can adopt the wishes on the card by buying gifts indicated on the cards. The CSR club is also looking at the possibility of publicising this at our upcoming New Year Charity Ball so that attendees who want to participate by buying the gifts can do so.

2014.11.15 CSR

All of us enjoyed a fun and meaningful afternoon interacting and getting to know the children better. We look forward to similar opportunities in future to reach out and contribute back to the society. ​


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