Bowling at Mount Faber

Submitted by Aditya Bhargava, Co-Chair of the Sports Club

To start Trimester 2 on a fun and exciting note, some of us went to bowl at the Superbowl at Mount Faber on 9 Nov. The excitement started straight away as we already had some camaraderie and competition building up in the first round. To the players’ surprise, they had just scored their personal best as you can see from the scoreboard picture below:

2014.11.09 bowling (1)

The scores continued to drop as each game progressed, since tiredness and fatigue crept in. However, the second game was the most exciting as we had a complete turnaround during the last three sets, when one of us languishing at the bottom came from behind to take the game. We also had some couples competing against each other as well which added to the thrill.

2014.11.09 bowling (2)

Overall it was a fun, relaxing and rejuvenating event which ended with a few beers and some amazing memories to cherish for the future.

2014.11.09 bowling (3)

2014.11.09 bowling (4)

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