Wine Appreciation Week

Submitted by Stephanie Zhao, Co-Chair of the Wine, Beer & Liqueur Appreciation Club

The Wine, Beer & Liqueur Appreciation Club organized a series of wine tastings at the end of Trimester 2 for the class.

Second trimester wine tasting crash course Day 1: Rosé Night

18 Feb 2015, MBA Lounge


The second trimester wine tasting crash courses have started again!

On the menu this time: Rosé tasting.

What is Rosé? No, it’s not a mix of red wines and white wines. A lesson was needed there, clearly. Some of us hadn’t even heard of this type of wine, so that is why the Wine Club presented two different French rosés, the best refreshing wines for a hot summer day.

A Cabernet d’Anjou from Val de Loire, and a Côtes de Provence from Provence.

The Cabernet d’Anjou is an easy wine to drink: it is slightly sweet with acidity to keep it refreshing.

The Côtes de Provence was a more floral and mineral wine, but equally good to quench thirst.


Rosé got the approval of all, at the end of this hot summer night.



Second trimester wine tasting crash course Day 2: White and red wines tasting

19 Feb 2015, ACI Building


White or red? Why not both?

On this festive day, the Wine Club presented:

  • Sweet white wine from Alsace
  • Malbec wines
  • Spanish red wine


To cope with the strong taste of red berries laced with cigar from Malbec and the Vaza Reserva,  we also prepared Muscat wine for the sweet tooth.

After the first trimester’s red wines introduction class, everyone was able to come up with some adjectives to describe the red wines, which made the club co-chairs very proud.

As for the white Muscat, the success was so great that everyone asked for more.




Second trimester wine tasting crash course Day 3: White and red wines tasting

20 Feb 2015, Graduate Hall 2

This is the third day of tasting, and the MBA class is getting better and better at it! We have tasted wines from Italy, France, Spain, but there is still a lot to taste. On the menu today:

  • A fizzy sweet red wine from Spain
  • A more powerful and yet fruity Grenache wine from South East of France
  • A delicate dry white Pinot Grigio from Italy

The uncommon fizzy sweet wine was surprisingly everyone’s favourite for that day. To get a bubbly red wine was quite refreshing and it stirred curiosity. The co-chairs had a difficult time answering all these technical questions…

The Grenache was well appreciated by those who had a liking for strong tastes. And the Pinot Grigio was perfect for the white wines lovers.



Second trimester wine tasting crash course Day 4: Champagne tasting

21 Feb 2015, ADM


To close the tastings of this trimester in a grandiose way, the club has prepared the most famous sparkling wine: Champagne.


A semi-dry Champagne was chosen so that the sweetness is well balanced with the acidity. Sparkling wine production process differs a lot from the other types of wines. After a very thorough explanation of the grapes, the production, the etiquettes and tasting methods, the wine club finally popped the Champagne.

During the previous sessions, some had strong preference for white or red or rosé. But for the Champagne, it was unanimous: everyone loves champagne!







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