An Evening of Cricket

Submitted by Dilina Fernando

On the evening of 17th May 2015, we headed out to the SRC to learn and play a game of cricket. There were 18 people on the ground, yet only four of us had played cricket before.

The session was started by Aditya, Vivek and Dilina who gave a background on how the game is played. Thereafter, they demonstrated by playing a few practice overs. Being MBA students, the others were quick to learn the game and alluded the game’s similarity to baseball. An outsider probably would have found it difficult to figure out which game we were playing!

After the initial introduction, the players were divided into two teams. The team led by Aditya batted first, scoring 49 runs in the first game of 6 overs. The target was chased down by Vivek’s team easily with the help of Man of the Match, Cory, who played a winning knock even though he was playing cricket for the first time. As it was getting dark, we decided to play one more match and end the session.


A few highlights of the match were Vivek getting bowled out by Lasha, Dilina getting bowled out by Angga, Cory and Aditya raining sixes all over the park, Bhrigu shamelessly appealing every decision, Tobias fielding like Jonty Rhodes, Franco running between the wickets like Arjuna Ranatunga and Mathew swinging his bat like a baseball pro.

After the tiring session everyone headed to Spruce for a well-deserved glass of beer and snacks. All in all it was great evening of learning and fun.


Thank You everyone for being such a Sport and enjoying the game of cricket with the other MBA folks.

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