Report of Oktoberfest

On Sunday, October 4th, the Nanyang MBA culture club gathered to host the first event of the MBA journey and met to experience the number 1 German festival: Oktoberfest. The traditional 16-days German volksfest is held annually in big tents on the biggest festival square in Munich, Bavaria, but is replicated all over the world.

Having 2 German ladies in the batch, the culture cub hosted an Oktoberfest dinner at the Brewerkz restaurant in Clarke Quay, which offered traditional Oktoberfest beer and a menu of German dishes for the special season.

While enjoying pork sausages, chicken legs, Sauerkraut and beer, the event participants learnt that an abundance of food paired with strong beers is an effective combination to make even the loudest bunch of MBA students eat in peaceful silence.

Our fellow batch mates were surprised to learn that the festival that started off as a horse race in the former 1600s kingdom of Germany, is not only one of the most enjoyable seasons in Bavaria but also required hard work: downing a liter of beer without using hands, dancing on tables or carrying heaving beer mugs is a tough job. Despite all the hardships to overcome while cutting chicken and sipping beer we had a lot of fun toasting and playing German songs. Once we debated the different tastes of Beer across our group, unveiling differences in tastes are not easily overcome, the best agreement to reach was that the first culture and social club event was a big success for everyone to enjoy a traditional German meal – and some German lectures for dessert.