End of Marketing Course Celebration

This celebration is hosted by The Wine, Beer & Liqueur Appreciation Club

The Wine, Beer & Liqueur Appreciation Club recently hosted a small gathering to toast farewell to our Trimester 1 Marketing course. The cohort had taken part in a competitive and highly challenging Markstrat marketing simulation, and the final simulation run was a great chance to gather together and celebrate the end of 8 weeks of hard work.

Professor Lewis Lim, who had guided the batch throughout the simulation game with exceptional insight and patience, was also present to run the final simulation in-person, and it was a great chance for everyone to spend time with one of their favorite teachers.

To cater for the excited crowd, the club had some basic introductory cocktails on hand as well as plenty of beer and wine to go around.

Next up for the Wine, Beer & Liqueur club will be a crash-course in sake and Japanese culture, co-hosted with the social and culture club of the Nanyang MBA!

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