Making our classes fun

Contributed by MBA students: Kevin, Masa, Prashant, Ryo and Shreya.

We had less than 10 days to prepare ourselves to present a case study on Netflix. The biggest question facing us was whether Netflix was yet another warfront for Art and Technology.

The MBA class at Nanyang Business School was completely determined to make Friday lectures interesting. We got full support from Professor Vijay Sethi for this. Hence, we started the chain of experimenting with ideas of making case presentations on companies such as Facebook, Google, Taobao etc as fun-filled as they were informative. With groups innovating with ideas such as group activities, fun surveys, role-playing, we were left wondering: what could we do with our idea?

After a couple of brainstorming sessions, we decided to focus on the core question- Is Netflix as a business model, helping the art?

We ended our presentation with our version of what Netflix could do next. The group, we said, believed that the future lies in crowd-funded content generation.

After a fun-filled presentation, we surprised the class with this video. This was a spoof of our markstrat course which was yet another source of adrenaline rush for us when the simulation results were announced every Friday at 8 PM.

This is all a part of the experiential learning that the NBS focuses on. The encouragement from Prof Sethi to experiment with ideas and sportsmanship displayed by Prof Lewis helped us create this video.