Holi Festival of Colours – Splash the fun!

On Saturday, March 26th, the Beer, Wine and Liquor Appreciation Club and the Culture Club co-hosted an event to celebrate all things Indian!

The MBA students, ready to get their hands dirty and bath in a cloud of color dust, started off by convening on campus to prepare for the day. It is customary in India to drink during this day, which is why beer, wine, and liquor was providing beverages. Afterwards, the crowd joined the traditional Indian festival hosted by the Wave House on Sentosa.

Once the guys and ladies in old clothes, which they were ready to dispose after the event, made their way to the Wave House, they first faced a patience challenge while waiting in several long queues. The venue was packed with excited people from all over the world. The wait was worth it, however, as there was a DJ and a festive, colorful atmosphere all around that involved much dancing, mostly to Bollywood hits from the 90s.

The games began when the group of NBS MBAs finally started to smear each other with the colours purchased, and occasionally people in other groups would do the same to the students. At this point, everyone in the Warehouse was all messy, ready to move on to the fountain where the party guests were spraying each other with hoses. It was a good way to get clean, only to have someone smear paint on you all over again!

The fun even reminded the graduate student of their business lectures when they started trading their orange colours for other ones, such as pink and green to make the event even more colourful – such a rewarding day of fun and networking! 🙂

After 2 hours of playing with colour powders, everyone was exhausted and tried to get the paint off for good to embark on the journey back to campus, but some where more successful than others in this regard.

Finally making their way back to the NTU Graduate Hall, the Holi group agreed that this was surely a high point for the Culture Club this year!



holi 3

…and AFTER!