Boost Your Career With A Global MBA Programme


Top MBA programmes are intensive and global. They want you to be ready to face the world and not just the industries in your geography. The Nanyang MBA is one such programme that is designed to make you a global leader within 12 life-changing months. Whether you are trying to figure out where to take your career next, or you’re considering a change of field, a global MBA is your passport to growth and success.

Here’s why people like you should apply for the NBS MBA programme.

  • International Exposure

Singapore is a diverse city with international corporations and citizens making up a large part of the industry. Still, further exposure to other locations and their business practices go a long way in shaping your MBA experience. That’s why the Nanyang MBA offers additional opportunities that can really put you out there. The most popular of these is the Overseas Business Study Mission or BSM, which involves travelling to a location that is relevant to your MBA courses. You get one week to apply your newly learnt theories and practices to a real setting. Once you’re done, you will find yourself with lots of knowledge regarding the business environment of your host country. In addition, you get to build a great network.

  • More Overseas Opportunities

Even after you are done with the Nanyang MBA programme, you can extend your business education by taking part in an exchange programme, which lasts between three to four months. NBS has close associations with academic institutions around the world and encourage students to take advantage of the collaborations. So why not choose a partner university from the list and acquire some fresh knowhow.

  • Global Faculty

All the classes conducted for the Nanyang MBA candidates are led by experts who are leaders in their industries or internationally qualified. From interactive learning, to industry talks and visits to companies, you’ll get the global edge even before you set out abroad. And just like your fellow students, your professors will come from diverse backgrounds and talents that will add more to your MBA experience.

  • Another Foreign Degree

For those of you who are extra ambitious, NBS’s MBA programme allows you to work toward a double MBA or a second master’s degree. Our partner business schools include Waseda University in Japan, University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and ESSEC in France where you can devote extra months to your MBA time and gain another globally recognised degree – and of course, the chance to immerse yourself into another business destination. Here’s more about that:

We all know that an MBA is a big investment. Your money, time and hard work should be worth it. That’s why you need to select well from the large number of MBAs around you in order to get the personal and professional makeover that you want. When you go home with your degree, you should be able to adapt to leadership positions in any country with success.

Good luck!