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Nurturing Women Leaders for the Future

Financial Women’s Association – NTU Mentorship Program

By: Alejandra Mejia, Colombian, Nanyang MBA participant, Intake 2010

Recently, the Finance Women Association of Singapore or FWA , together with NTU, established  a mentorship program to women currently studying in NTU, to help shape and start their careers in the financial industry, specially taking into account the time requirements and demands of having a very successful job, while  looking after their family and children. FWA provides a valuable platform to network with other experienced women professionals in the financial industry in Singapore and  the opportunity to listen and meet some of the admirable women in the finance industry, who are balancing the demands of their work and family time.

NTU-FWA, in collaboration of FWA, Nanyang Business School (NBS) Undergraduate Program and the Banking and Finance Club of The NANYANG MBA, launched its mentorship program in September at a coffee dessert bar located in Orchard area where the bustling shopping district of Singapore is located. Nearly 50 students from the Nanyang Business School’s undergraduate and MBA students had the chance to meet with members of FWA from companies like Walton International, HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Being a woman is already a great challenge – juggling our roles as students, mothers, wives and career women and striving to make a difference in the lives of the people who matter most. From the talk cum networking session, I realized that, “regardless of who we are and where we come from – women from foreign countries or women wanting to change careers or start anew, we all face a great incertitude when the end of our studies arrives. We are overwhelmed about all the things we are told to do to start our careers, but the truth is, a more certain success is guaranteed when we fix ourselves a target. Somehow,  we need a counselor from the industry to help us fix this target.” This was how the mentorship program was conceived — to help women like us, who are in school and looking into the future of building our respective careers, to trace our path, coherent with our interest, strengths and possibilities.

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Cheers! Santé! – Wine Appreciation Club

By Laurent Cambon, Current MBA Student, and Mathieu François, Graduating Class of 2011.

In a very diverse MBA class, it is inevitable we get exposed to the richness of culture and gustatory delights of the countries represented. So, two of us from France started the Wine Appreciation Club to share a common, yet very important part of our culture – Wines. I have always been passionate about food and wines. To me, they are integral components of that which we consider French culture. Nearly all the 22 regions of France produce their own wines, each of which were developed to match the region’s cuisine. “If I have to choose wine according to conventional wisdom, I would opt for a very famous wine like Romanée-Conti from Bourgogne. But I prefer to answer based on my personal feelings. I have family roots in the South of France. So, each time I appreciate a Châteauneuf-du-pape, many memories and sensations from this region come to my mind, especially when I was a child. To be more specific, Château Mont-redon is certainly one of the best from this Côtes-du-rhône category,” adds by my co-initiator, Mathieu. This diversity of wines contributes invariably to the richness of French culture.

In Singapore, wines are just aplenty and you can get them easily- in groceries, or wine depots, to shopping malls, to even convenience stores available 24 hours. And the variety is just really great- coming from all the wine producing countries, including the best wine producer – France, of course.

The Wine Appreciation Club was set up with the aim of extending our passion for wines to other MBA students. Some of the initiatives of the Club include helping students identify the type of wines they already appreciate, introducing them to new wines, and inviting them to wine tasting processes that would enable them to appreciate wines better.

Sessions were not complete without food – we paired whites, reds and ‘bubbly’ or champagnes with food. Surely, members of the club, both the new and seasoned ones, took pleasure in every session in the appreciation of wine.

Even though Wine Tasting is not a course in the MBA curriculum, we believe that it would serve as a complementary component in the life of an MBA student, who will soon be actively engaged in business dinners or in social gatherings. We hope to see this club continue in the new academic year.

Our first event – Wine Appreciation-White Wines, attracted 14 wine lovers, curious souls and converts.

Wine Appreciation - White Wines

Wine Appreciation: White Wines

The Club’s second event  – Wine Appreciation-Red Wines; Me (Laurent, first from left, in green) and Mathieu (2ndfrom right, last row) together with our peers
Wine Appreciation: Red Wines

Wine Appreciation: Red Wines

And as a last hurrah to end T3 (and for some of us in the NANYANG-WASEDA Program who graduated recently in July), we had a special guest in our Champagnes session, which made the session more delightful – our ‘unofficial’ mascot.

Wine Appreciation: Champagnes

Stand and Deliver* – Public Speaking Club in Action

Author: John Spencer, Public Speaking Club, The NANYANG MBA student 2011.

In one of the events organized by our Public Speaking Club, a group of students passionate about speaking in public, we invited twenty of our peers to present for 10 to 15 minutes on any topic.  The only hard and fast rule: they must feel passionate about the subject matter!  Brazenly, six (6) stood up and took the challenge.

Greg extemporaneously speaking about 'customer service'.

Greg extemporaneously speaking about ‘customer service’.

First up was Greg, who hails from Canada and is our current Student ExCo President.  A person who undeniably loves to speak in public, Greg ‘educated’ an eager audience on customer service.  Among others, he elaborated on the important questions of ‘What is good customer service?’ and ‘How best to achieve good customer service?’

Xevi pasionately talks about his travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Xevi passionately talks about his travel to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Next was Xevi, an outspoken fellow classmate from Catalan (in Spain!), who entertained with a slideshow about his favorite ever holiday: a journey through southern Vietnam which he took with a friend several years ago.  Landing in Ho Chi Minh City, it was followed by numerous adventures including a boat ride that took him across the border to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Xevi promised to return at a later date and continue the story.

Rita getting animated about sharing what life is like at 49B Nanyang Valley

Rita getting animated about sharing what life is like at 49B Nanyang Valley.

Third was Shanghai native Rita, another candid speaker of the group, who amused the audience with revealing insights into what life is like at 49B Nanyang Valley – an on-campus residence where she shares with six of our classmates.  Rita delivered her talk under the watchful eye of one of her flat-mates, Sherrill, who listened intently and ready to ‘pounce’, in case she divulged more information than what was deemed acceptable. It was mirthful, yet well-delivered.

Reynold shares surprising information about Chinese entrepreneurs.

Reynold shares surprising information about Chinese entrepreneurs.

Reynold, our gregarious Student Exco EVP from Jingzhou, a famous cultural city in South China, then enlightened the room with a presentation showcasing several Chinese internet entrepreneurs (he himself is an aspiring entrepreneur!).  What these entrepreneurs have in common, we learned, is that they are relatively unknown outside of China, yet have achieved tremendous domestic success through seemingly quite simplistic business models, albeit executed at scale.

Vincent at the end of his presentation - 80 slides in less than 15 minutes!

Vincent at the end of his presentation – 80 slides in less than 15 minutes!

Fifth was sociable Malaysian Vincent, who commenced by promising to break all the conventions of good presentations in his account of a recent holiday to Cambodia and Vietnam.  He proceeded to do his presentation with brilliantly comic effect, and notably managed to successfully deliver more than 80 slides in less than 15 minutes.  All this, whilst perfectly synchronizing his spoken words to his graphics.

Mandar on his thought-provoking oratory on 'nothing'

Mandar in his thought-provoking oratory on ‘nothing’

To round off the event, Mandar from India, a student ExCo member, who also loves a good play of words, challenged the deep-thinkers in the room with a thought-provoking and entertaining oratory on ‘nothing’.  He touched on numerous perspectives of this abstract concept, starting with the grammatical, continuing with the philosophical – both east and west – and ending with the scientific – namely mathematics and physics.

And that concluded what proved to be an enjoyable event for all the attendees – of course, light snacks were served too!

The Public Speaking club aims to provide experiences to enable club members become more effective speakers.  It is composed of 30 like-minded individuals who are passionate of the craft, or just want to become more effective and better speakers. Our classmates join the club in activities that will challenge the mind, push themselves beyond the boundaries of confidence in speaking in public, and engage an eager audience into an entertaining yet filled with learning play of words.

*Title is borrowed from a movie in the late 1980’s, bearing the same title. 

Scoring in the 2nd Asian MBA Football Cup

Author: Esmond Yan, MBA Student

Looking at this photograph will probably always succeed in making me smile. After all, we made it to the semi-finals as a team this year!

HKUST hosted other football teams from INSEAD, CEIBS, HKU, HKCU in this rough but thoroughly enjoyable one-day tournament. Our team was drawn in a group with HKUST Team 2, HKUST Alumni and HKU where our very own Italian stallion Henri Allegra scored 2 goals to take us into the semi-finals.

However, having the smallest team of only 9 players took its toll on us. Henri, Alexander, Gabriel, Andrew, Vincent, Benny, John and Rob – we all just had each other to lean on against some very skilled players. We really were at a disadvantage.

We lost to match the eventual champions, INSEAD. Still, we don’t walk away from this experience disheartened. We’re far from that, actually. The team showed great sportsmanship despite injuries and the rain. There really wasn’t room for defeat anyway, because at the after-party, everyone felt like a winner. We went to Republic, a posh club in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fung district, a generous treat by the host!

After all that hard work and good play, we were sore everywhere by the end of the trip. We still find the experience worth it though. It was great fun to compete and at the same time, we got to network with other MBA students of different nationalities.

The best part was getting to bond with each other and functioning as a team. I really feel like we did win a great prize and we’re walking away with it. This prize, to me, is invaluable. This event led me to meeting some great individuals indeed, and I relished every step of the way.

We definitely scored, if you ask me.

The first Singapore MBA Olympics for a cause- an experience to remember and treasure

Authors: Jaiganesh Pasupathy, Snigdha Nandan Co-Chairpersons, The Nanyang MBA CSR Club, Mandar Gori, VP Sustainability, The Nanyang  MBA Student EXCO

From its inception to the final handing over of the cheque to The Cambodia Trust, the first MBA Olympics among Singapore MBA students has been a journey involving fun, teamwork and positive spirit. We’re so glad to announce that the event was a success!

As the event was inaugural or the first of its kind, we had a lot to plan and organise. We’re truly thankful to those who made this happen, our classmates from The Nanyang MBA for volunteering their services and also to our sponsors, especially the major sponsor,  City Development Limited (CDL) , and the other sponsors  (CDC, SPH, GNC, DHL, MacDonald’s and Frolick)  that understood the impact this event can bring.

There were five business schools involved: INSEAD, SMU, NUS, S.P. Jain and Nanyang itself. There were over 90 participants, and though the competition were intense, there were good sportsmanship demonstrated throughout the day, and we all had a lot of fun! We competed in four sports, namely Basketball, Badminton, Futsal and Table Tennis.

Our team did our best in the CDL MBA Olympics and Nanyang eventually emerged victorious for both Futsal and Basketball!

Through this event, we managed to raise a total of $5,342 for The Cambodia Trust. The cheque was officially handed over to Michael Scott, the Country Director of The Cambodia Trust. It wasn’t his first time being around Nanyang MBA students here in Singapore, and we do hope it won’t be his last.

After the ceremony, Michael told us more about the various initiatives taken on by The Cambodia Trust. The new information only intrigued us further in the cause and in fact, we’re continuing to support The Cambodia Trust. This June, we’re geared up for more action. The CSR Club is exploring time to visit Cambodia! It’s only a few months away, and we cannot wait.

At the end of the sporting events, we had a short gathering to celebrate the various obstacles we’d overcome and the victories that were achieved.

It’s truly been a challenge but an extremely worthwhile experience for all of us, a journey we’re not likely to forget. The three of us were really honoured to work with such a capable group of people and for such a worthy cause. This heralds a new beginning for Nanyang Business School’s CSR club and we are sure it will continue to create awareness about CSR and make a difference in the society we live in.

Shipping and Energy Club Activities

Author: Melva Goh, Singapore

A Visit to an Oil Tanker

A group of 14 of us from The NANYANG MBA recently gathered at the Marina South Pier
to begin our expedition to a real life experience of offshore environment. There, we took
our offshore taxis, small tugboats, to our final destination onboard an Oil Tanker which
awaited us three kilometres offshore from the pier.

Climbing up a ladder made of wooden planks from the tug boat up five metres to the
tanker was a first time experience for all of us.

Once onboard, the captain and the owner of the tanker greeted us as if we have paid an
expensive ticket to a luxury cruise. We were brought through an exclusive tour through
several passageways into the wheelhouse, the main deck, the crew cabins, the galley
and the engine room. Cameras were constantly flashing as our MBA “tourists” started
posing as the “Captain” and “Crew”.

The biggest take-away from this visit is how we can closely relate to an offshore
environment as the Captain narrated the life of the crew members and the operation of
the tanker while we were actually physically touching and seeing a real vessel out in the

Myriad Minds of Energy

The wise minds of various energy sectors, namely, Veolia Water Solutions and
Technologies (Water Management), Schlumberger (Oil & Gas), and Faststream
Recruitment Group (Headhunter for Offshore & Shipping), met at this event to share with
our MBA fellow team-mates great insight into the Energy fields.
Their presence at the event was paramount to gaining a deeper understanding into the
challenges and prospects ahead and the key functional expertise required to uphold the
dynamism of the industry.

Not only did we share the passions of the invited guest speakers during their
presentations, the question and answer session was fully optimized with a host of long
-awaited queries. As such, the event was extended by an hour to allow for more
information sharing, an important objective of the event.

At the end of the event, the guest speakers came to congruence in their career advice to
our fellow MBA team-mates – “Know what you want to do and follow your passion rather
than monetary incentives”.
Wise minds indeed!

CDL MBA Olympics – A Success!

Author: Snigdha Nandan, India
Co-chair (CSR Club)

Dreams turned into reality when B Schools in Singapore got together
on 14th Nov 2010 to celebrate the ‘ CDL MBA Olympics’, organized by CSR club of THE NANYANG MBA. MBA graduates from schools such
as NUS, INSEAD, SMU and SP Jain and Nanyang Business School, who are otherwise entangled in their fast paced curriculum, took time off
on a joyful Sunday morning to participate in this ‘first of its kind’
sporting and fundraising event. The goal of the event was not just to bring B schools together on a playground for fun but also to raise
funds for ‘The Cambodia Trust’.

Despite some B schools having exams during the week, 52
participants attended the event displaying sportsmanship,
enthusiasm and amicability all through. Various sponsors for the
event were CDL (title sponsor), DHL, SPH (magazine sponsor),
McDonald’s (beverage sponsor) , GNC and Frolick.

The day began with a welcome note where they were familiarized
with the campus and schedule for the day. Students were also
provided with an exhaustive information document and campus map.

As the day progressed students participated in various
aforementioned sports. Excitement and Enthusiasm was reflecting in
every drop of sweat. During the event DHL had set up a recruitment
booth with Diana Sani (representative from DHL), providing insights
to students on ‘In house consulting in Asia Pacific’ and job
opportunities at DHL.

The games were followed by a dinner event which was graced by
Vivian Lim (Manager, Corporate Communications, CDL). Vivian gave
away prizes (lucky draw) and medals to winners and encouraged the
participants. The winner for various events were-

Badminton doubles- SP Jain

Badminton singles- SP Jain

Table Tennis- NUS

Basket Ball- Nanyang Business School

Futsal- Nanyang Business School

The day was concluded at the Staff club with a round of drinks and
dinner, where students were seen exchanging experiences and
rejoicing new bonds. Total Funds raised for the event were 6800
SGD, out of which 5500 SGD would be donated to Cambodia Trust.
The CDL MBA Olympics indeed created some beautiful memories for
each one to cherish!

The Cambodian Trust Pops By

Felix S., Britain

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club had a guest last month. Mike Scott, Country Director of The Cambodia Trust, an international NGO started in the UK for Cambodia, visited us. The Cambodia Trust was set up in 1989 by three British, in response to the Cambodian Prime Minister, Mr Hun Sen’s plea for assistance to the country’s thousands of landmine survivors.

After three decades of war, Cambodia is left with one of the highest rates of physical disability of any country in the world. More than 40,000 Cambodians have suffered amputations as a result to mine injuries since 1979.

The Cambodia Trust primarily helps these amputees with prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation, with donations they receive from around the world. To date, they have already helped some 5000 patients, with at least 50 to 60 patients coming in for treatment everyday for this free service.

Apart from this prosthetics service, The Cambodia Trust started the Cambodia School of Prosthetics and Orthotics in 1994, building the foundation for sustainable and locally-run rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. This fulfills the severe shortage of such services in developing countries, which is mostly provided for, by foreigners with the expertise. Over the last decade, 3 more schools were set up in Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and Jakarta.

As mobility is the first step towards self-sufficiency, an artificial limb, brace or wheelchair can make the difference between employment and begging on the streets. The rehabilitation scheme ensures a view of the larger picture by means of giving patients an improved way of life, over and above the physiotherapy services given to patients who have received new prosthetics. Some of these initiatives are: easy access for children with disabilities in schools, giving access to disabled young adults for skills training and giving out grants to disabled adults to establish small businesses.

In a country where the government’s support is limited and sometimes inconsistent, The Cambodia trust can only look to private organizations or willing individuals for help. Its funds were heavily depleted during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, making its day-to-day operations a big problem.

The CSR Club of The NANYANG MBA has taken up this challenge and will work with The Cambodia Trust to introduce strategic ways forward to raise funds and create sustainable plans for it.

Mike Scott (3rd from left, front row) with The NANYANG MBA CSR Club members

Our Movie Club

Author: Sunil Tulsiani, India

An MBA, they say is an opportunity to further your career, have the flexibility to take courses you want and not about the ones you have to, it is about networking, and all those good things you need to take you to the next level in the corporate world. At NTU you get all that and more, you have the flexibility to pursue any and all your
interests. Hence, it is no wonder that we have multiple student run clubs for sports (Futsal, Badminton, tennis, etc), CSR, Industry specific clubs etc …

I started the Movie Club the same way with a group of movie enthusiasts who got together to organise movie nights on campus. The objective of the club was to leverage on the different nationalities we have here at The NANYANG MBA and watch movies from all over the world, helping at times to understand where our fellow class mates came from. Many a movie nights led to discussions post the movie about certain culturally specific nuances and in some cases the stereotypical biases about different nations.

We also indulged ourselves at times with documentaries that helped raise awareness about the current global scenarios. All in all, the Movie Club is a fun way to spend an evening and take a break from our rigorous schedules, and at the same time learn a little. The MBA office has been gracious enough to provide us with rooms with large
projectors to enhance our movie watching experience and at times has been generous enough to get us Pizza’s!

The Movie Club is just one example of the freedom we have at here to pursue our interests and how supportive the MBA office is in helping us organise events. An MBA has to be an all rounded experience and here at Nanyang, I’m glad I get just that opportunity.

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