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CSR Club Visits Children’s Home

Submitted by Ho Xiaoyuan, Co-Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club


On 15 Nov 2014, the CSR Club organised a trip to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, as part of the partnership with Nanyang Community Club in the Christmas Make a Wish project for the needy children. The Home provides care, protection and shelter to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

​During our time at the home, we interacted and played with the children. An important part of our task was to help them to decorate their wish cards for the Christmas, indicating the gifts they would like to receive for the coming holiday. They also wrote thank you cards in advance to show appreciation to the donors for their gifts.

The wish cards will be displayed on a Christmas Tree in Nanyang Community Club and the public can adopt the wishes on the card by buying gifts indicated on the cards. The CSR club is also looking at the possibility of publicising this at our upcoming New Year Charity Ball so that attendees who want to participate by buying the gifts can do so.

2014.11.15 CSR

All of us enjoyed a fun and meaningful afternoon interacting and getting to know the children better. We look forward to similar opportunities in future to reach out and contribute back to the society. ​


For more information about Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, click here.


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CSR Lunch Talk

Submitted by Ho Xiaoyuan, Co-Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club


On 7 Oct 2014, the CSR Club held a lunch talk for its club members.

Firstly, an outline of the club’s planned activities for the year was given, including participating in the Christmas Make a Wish Project by Nanyang CC and collaborating with CSR Compact on other CSR-related activities.

In addition, Mark from the EMBA Program was invited to provide an introduction to his social project in Malawi. The project aims to provide people in the country access to resources, specifically through selling cheaper solar panels to help develop microenterprises and build savings, in a bid to alleviate the poverty situation thereby improving the standard of living of the people there.


Details on how micro-financing works and the poverty situation in Malawi was also touched upon. CSR club members who are interested were also provided the opportunity to join Mark in his project.

All in all, the lunch talk provided an opportunity for CSR Club members to be involved and be in touch with the up-coming events.


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Developing Socially Responsible Leaders-meet the social entrepreneurs

By Charu Verma

One of NanyangBusiness School’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club’s aims is to help develop leaders who are compassionate, innovative, and who use their business acumen to solve social issues hovering over communities all over the globe.

The first and the most vital step towards this aim was taken through finding opportunities for MBA students to interact with budding social entrepreneurs in Singapore. The club wanted to achieve more than just a talk so that students get to experience the journey to social entrepreneurship rather than just a monologist lecture on how to become a social entrepreneur. This made “The Hub” an obvious choice for us to visit given that it is one of the biggest professional centers that not just provide office space to social entrepreneurs but also promote social entrepreneurship.

14 MBA students coming from both full-time and part-time programmes interacted with  5 social entrepreneurs. . Social entrepreneurs from organizations Akaraka, Milaap, The Hub, and Silverline Mobi shed light on various issues that a social entrepreneur deals with and a few examples of how they dealt with those same issues during their journey. Highlight of the day was the unique opportunity to mingle with several social entrepreneurs present at The Hub in their weekly evening get-together. The enthusiasm of us, Nanyang MBAs ,at the Hub made Akaraka invite the MBA cohort to its forthcoming fund raising event at The Arts House at The Old Parliament.

We at The CSR Club,  will continue to search for more opportunities for MBAs to be a part of such worthy endeavors such as social enterprises such as those in The Hub.

Running For A Cause: Joining Terry Fox Run 2013

By Jenie Lago

Participants Before Terry Fox Run Before

My life while taking the MBA at Nanyang is both busy and hectic. It is always nice to find time to take care of one’s health. A short run or walk can make a lot of difference. I can run and walk while immersing myself in the lush greenery of Nanyang’s campus.

How about taking care of our health (by running) while at the same time contributing to a good cause? That’s the reason my peers and I signed up for the Terry Fox Run 2013 at the scenic coastline park, East Coast Parkway.

The Terry Fox Run is the world’s largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research organized by the Canadian association of Singapore in conjunction with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). The annual event in Singapore is held in honor of Terry Fox, the one legged amputee cancer victim who embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise funds and create awareness for cancer research.

Our group of 10 woke up as early as 6 a.m. as we were too eager to embark on our run which started at 8 a.m. We had chosen the 10 km run instead of the 5 km run as we did not find it challenging enough. It was a great way to shed off the pounds gained during our holiday break while at the same time help raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society research program. Without prior preparations and practice round, all 10 of us still managed to complete the 10km run. Hooray!

It was a challenging yet fulfilling day. Thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility Club for organizing the registration and transportation of the participants.




The NANYANG MBA Olympics – Collaboration Through Competition for a Cause

By: Eric Oandasan, Filipino, Nanyang MBA Intake 2011
Club Co-Chair, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The vaguely bright Sunday early morning of 18th March at the NTU Sports & Recreation Center came in with a flurry of activity: banners being hung, tables carefully unfolded, balls being rigorously pumped with air, heaps of goodie bags and canned drinks unloaded. At 9:00 AM, groups of participants from various Singapore MBA schools came in droves to register, collect goodie bags and start stretching exercises in preparation for the long day of sports. The morning was filled with anticipation, excitement, and a sense of hopefulness that the typically unpredictable Singapore weather will keep the athletes dry and cool.

The NANYANG MBA organizers
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Visiting nature – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club goes biking in Pulau Ubin

by Eric Oandasan, Filipino, CSR Club Co-Chair, Nanyang MBA participant, Intake 2011

A few months into the program, being stuck inside the air-conditioned, sometimes freezing confines of the classroom, can sure take its toll on our ‘sanity’. Offering a refreshing escape from the city, the CSR Club held its first event at Pulau Ubin, an island off Singapore’s main island, one of the few reserved spots in Singapore untouched by urban development. Already a popular tourist destination, the small island brought 15 of us, mostly city-dwellers, to a brief experience back to nature. Coming from various cultural backgrounds, from Europe to Asia, and having experienced nature treks in our own countries, we were looking forward to this common yet different experience from our rather predictable city life.

One of the many mangroves dotting Pulau Ubin

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The CSR Asia Forum on Sustainability Disclosure 2011

Author: Mandar Gori, Vice President (Sustainability), Student Executive Committee, The Nanyang MBA

As the Student Executive Committee member representing the CSR and other clubs at The Nanyang MBA, I have been associated with the CSR and sustainability related activities for the past 8 months. The CSR Asia Forum on Sustainability Disclosure 2011 introduced me to this very interesting topic of sustainability reporting.

I truly believe that the event was very well organized by CSR Asia.

CSR Asia is a provider of information, training, research and consultancy services on sustainable business practices in Asia. I’m proud that The Nanyang Business School is actually the academic partner for The CSR Asia Forum.

The welcome address was given by Jenny Costelloe, Director at CSR Asia, and who is also an alumnus of The Nanyang MBA. The presentation by Simon Lord on a business case on sustainability reporting at his company New Britain Palm Oil was very informational.

Six different workshops were arranged for the second half of the day out of which I could attend the one on GRI – The international reporting framework by Sean Gilbert from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). I know that Dr. Patricia Tan, our school’s Associate Professor in Accounting also shared her insights into recent developments in sustainability reporting, trying to raise awareness of this new international trend as well as to promote such practice in Singapore.

This event has definitely opened my eyes to the future of public reporting of sustainability initiatives in the corporate world and its importance to the business. Cheers and congratulations to the CSR Asia team for such a successful event!