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Celebrating Christmas with our MBA Family

By Joel Austria

Before the Christmas break in December, our MBA cohort celebrated Christmas – with the theme ” the Filipino way” , the way we Filipinos do it back home, and so we Filipinos were the hosts.. The fun started a few hours before the event itself,  as volunteers decorated the room, prepared the food, and set up the photo booth and sound system. One by one, people started showing up carrying their gifts and looking excited to start the program.

NANYANG MBA students having fun at the photo booth
NANYANG MBA students having fun at the photo booth

The party started with the traditional Filipino feast. We had some Filipino food favorites such as ‘adobo’ (pork & chicken stew) , ‘crispy pata’, (pork knuckles like the ones in Germany)  ‘inihaw na liempo’ (grilled pork ), and ‘pancit palabok’ (noodles) . Iris, another Filipino MBA participant, also prepared and served ‘sago’t gulaman’, a cool and refreshing drink with tapioca and gelatin. For dessert, Claire made her special ‘maja blanca’ which is a coconut pudding with sweet corn bits.

Steven can’t hide his excitement to finally get to taste Filipino food
Steven can’t hide his excitement to finally get to taste Filipino food

After the feast, we asked the participants to form three separate teams to compete in Filipino parlor games. First up was the newspaper dance but with an added twist. Instead of just a pair trying to keep themselves within the confines of the newspaper, we asked the teams to send five representatives. It made the game more challenging and it was very interesting how our classmates strategized and executed their game plans. The next game was ‘hep hep hooray’, a game that required fast reflexes and concentration to not commit a mistake when asked to recite the next word in the sequence together with the corresponding hand gesture. The contestants in this game became very competitive and did a really good job of mastering the sequence and action. And so, to determine the winner, we introduced some changes by switching the hand gestures. Finally, we capped off the games with a relay. During the relay, we introduced the contestants to the ‘calamansi’, a fruit that Filipinos love to use as food seasoning. We also asked them to recite a simple Filipino tongue twister, ‘Pasko paksiw’. Just so you know, ‘Pasko’ is the Filipino word for Christmas.

Our classmates realizing that the Newspaper Dance is not as easy as it looks
Our classmates realizing that the Newspaper Dance is not as easy as it looks

Before ending the wonderful celebration, everyone gathered around the Christmas tree for the gift-giving and revealing of each one’s secret Santa. The activity highlighted for us that Christmas is really the season of giving and sharing. It was very interesting to see what the secret Santas bought for their recipients. The most entertaining part for me was when Li Qin received a number of joke-gifts from Pratik before finally getting the real thing. It was very funny to see Li Qin’s reactions and Pratik’s creativity. I was also touched when Catherine gave Emily (Student ExCo President)  some home-baked goodies and a special drawing made by her daughter.

The Christmas tree was filled with gifts from the Secret Santas
The Christmas tree was filled with gifts from the Secret Santas

By the end of the activity, everyone looked happy and content with their gifts and people were getting ready to leave. But as a final touch to the whole program, Mr. Nick Soriano, our admissions director, arrived with a small washing machine to be raffled off. The winning name drawn was Sumin. But he decided that a woman should win the raffle, and so, after a few more attempts, Charu was lucky to take home the prize. Indeed, Chrsitmas spirit is in the air-gifts!

As the day ended, I was very happy that I got to spend Christmas with my new friends and share with them how Christmas can be more fun in the Philippines.

Turning Ideas into Reality

By Pete Thanapornpun

In December 2013, Nanyang MBA’s The Venture Capital (VC) Club invited Kelvin Ong, Executive Director of FocusTech Ventures and also NANYANG MBA Alumni, to be a speaker for this session.

FocusTech Ventures (FTV) is an entrepreneur-led startup accelerator that combines private investment, active mentoring, and advisory to help capital- efficient startups transform venture ideas into fundable, profitable companies. Kelvin  shared his experiences and what he does exactly in his daily work (Fund Raising, Strategic Management, Recruitment and, Deal Sourcing). To end the session, he gave us some good tips :

  1. Don’t go to the area that you are not familiar with.
  2. Enter the market with ready infrastructure.
  3. Pay attention to the cost projection rather than the revenue.

The key insights shared during the talk are really useful not just in the future, but can also be applied in our case studies and group reports in class.

Turning Ideas into Reality_img01

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Club Event – Art & Copy

By Raza Irshad

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Co-Chair Raza Irshad giving a short introduction of the film documentary
Marketing & Entrepreneurship Co-Chair Raza Irshad giving a short introduction of the film documentary

The event, organised by the Marketing & Entrepreneurship Club,  showed the documentary, “Art & Copy”, which showcases some of the most iconic advertising campaigns of their time and how they were successful in breaking grounds at the time when they were released. The film also includes reflections on the careers of some of the finest people in this field like Hal Riney, George Lois, Mary Wells Lawrence, Dan Wieden, and Lee Clow.




Art & Copy_img02

The purpose of the event was to share an insight into the world of marketing and advertising, how it has evolved over the years and to share some real life examples of how people have actually been inspired to produce some of the most memorable ad campaigns of all times.

This activity was a light yet very enriching way to learn more about the marketing and advertising industries as well as to get to know more the members of the club.

Art & Copy_img03

Management Consultancy Club organises " Walk the Talk" with fellow MBA participants as speakers

By Sandeep Bhuyan

On November 25th 2013, the Management Consultancy club organized its first event “Walk the talk”.  The event was organized as an information sharing session among the cohort’s members. MBA students who worked previously as consultants shared their experiences and knowledge about their consulting job. The purpose of this event was to expose MBA students to different types of consulting, to familiarize them with what working as a consultant looks and feels like, and to guide them how to look for jobs in the particular fields.

Jason, Rey and Akshay Sharing on their experience
Jason, Rey and Akshay Sharing on their experience

We had a total of 8 speakers   and 20 students attending the event. The speakers represented many different industries. Jackson spoke about Risk consulting, Emily shared her experience on oil refining, Vicky on development consulting, Akshay about technology consulting, Rey on HR and Tax and Mohammed, Sukhjeet, Charu shared their experiences on management consulting.

Mohammed, Charu and Vicky in Action
Mohammed, Charu and Vicky in Action

Each of the speakers spoke about their qualification, how they made into the job, experience and one particular project. They had their own style of presentation- some used designer slides, some used whiteboard-marker, some spoke directly and tried their best to make us understand the nitty-gritty of their industry. The attendees in turn asked many questions specific to the jobs and tried to find out what they need to do if they want to join a particular type of consulting.

Walking the Talk_img03
Token of Appreciation from the club

Thanks to the MBA office for dinner and token of appreciation presented to all the speakers. And the speakers specially for the presentation, enthusiasm, warmth, and confidence.

Students listening to the talk / Dinner
Students listening to the talk and dinner time


Technology Consulting Club Organises Talk for members

By Ajay Kumar and Vivek Sharma

Given the popularity of IT industry among Technology consulting club members at Nanyang Business School (NBS), the Technology Consulting club organized the industry talk on 23rd November 2013. NANYANG MBA alumni Mr. Robin Tanudjaja delivered the talk.

Mr. Robin Tanudjaja eagerly sharing his experience with the attendees
Mr. Robin Tanudjaja eagerly sharing his experience with the attendees

Mr. Robin Tanudjaja comes with 11 years of rich experience in a project management role in IT industry. He has previously worked in Schlumberger, Cisco systems, American President Lines, Dubai world, and very recently, he joined HP in Singapore. During Robin’s stint in Dubai world for 5 yrs as IT Project manager, he was responsible to manage the delivery of IT solutions to business needs for all the business units under Dubai World umbrella.

The main objective of talk was to allow the club members to meet, network, and gain valuable information -and with a fellow MBA ( alumni) . The talk was specifically targeted to those who are looking for management roles in IT industry.

Mr. Tanudjaja shared his valuable insights about IT project management and what it takes to be a good project manager. He suggested a few certification programs which are very well recognized in Singapore. Certification programs which were suggested are PMI certifications, Prince 2, CITPM etc. He also shared upcoming IT industry trends, and lessons learned by him while working in different companies. At the end of the talk, he also shared about how to do interview preparation and what are the few frequently asked tough questions one can expect in an interview in Singapore. He also mentioned that before going for an interview, it is very important to do a thorough research on the company and the position being offered. In addition, he also stressed that the interviewee should be aware of the range of pay offered so that salary negotiation can be done in a better way. He recommended the website Payscale to serve this particular purpose.

NBS students networking Mr. Robin Tanudjaja over food and drinks
NBS students networking Mr. Robin Tanudjaja over food and drinks

The talk gave the club members a very good opportunity to gain relevant industry information for their career planning. The members also engaged in friendly and meaningful discussion with Robin during the refreshments and networking session after the talk.

End-of-Midterms Celebration

By Bodi Yuhico, Philippines

Most of us from the Nanyang MBA Class of 2012-2013 completed our final midterm test one Sunday morning. When the clock struck 12 noon, it was a symbolic moment for the entire cohort for three reasons:

1)     The end of the midterm exams

2)     The end of the first half of Trimester 1

3)     The beginning of the ExCo’s first social activity for the batch!

Filled with much gusto and excitement, our ragged group of some 50 MBA participants moved from LT27A to our own place, The NANYANG MBA lounge. There were a lot of foods: from sushi to sandwiches to pastries. As we entered the lounge, we noticed not only food, but also the projector was set up with the newly bought karaoke (that famous Japanese contribution for “sing-along” ) machine.








To kick things off on the right mood, Andy Kim, President of the Nanyang MBA Student Executive Council, thanked everyone for coming, and then proceeded to serenade the batch with his rendition of ‘Uptown Girl’. Not bad for a singing prexy!







We also wished and sang happy birthday songs to the September celebrants: Indonesian Satria Krisnandi, Peter Ho, Indian Sunny Arora, and Canadian Jake Hason. Sadly, the lovely French Florence Roncalez wasn’t able to join!







And so, with all that done, it was time to mingle! With Filipino John Rae facilitating the karaoke machine with aspiring singers, the rest of the group of full-timers and part-timers spent time  socializing.

It was indeed the end of the first half of the trimester, and for many participants,  it felt it went by so fast. It ended on a day usually reserved for rest(Sunday), a day typically considered in some cultures as the end of the week, and in some cultures as the start of the week. And that, in essence, was what the End of Midterms Celebration symbolized: the end of the midterms and the first half of the semester, and yet the start of many other new firsts.

Congratulations to a job well done to everyone in the cohort making the ExCo’s first social activity a success! And looking forward to more!

Ending the term on a high note – The NANYANG MBA end-of-term party at 1-Altitude

by Zhou Dan, Chinese, VP for Communications, Nanyang MBA Participant, Intake 2011

How time flies! It was almost yesterday that we packed our luggage and came to this energetic and vibrant city-state – Singapore and now, the first trimester of our program has passed so quickly and so is the year 2011. After finishing our last paper for Trimester 1 at the end of November, both the current and graduating cohorts, went out for a chill and fun to celebrate the ‘end’ and the new beginning for some. We were looking forward for a fun-packed night, but it was bittersweet for everyone, as it also marked the night that we were saying goodbye to our senior peers. Talking about farewells!

The choice of the place was crucial to fulfill our purpose. Our VP for Socials decided to hold the event on the rooftop of now the tallest building in Singapore – a fitting venue to celebrate the end of studies, on a ‘high’ note. Hence, we all agreed to set it at One Raffles Place, a new iconic structure in the heart of the central business district and financial center of Singapore – Raffles Place. It houses the multi-concept lifestyle venue for the end-of-term party – 1-Altitude and CityGolf. One Raffles Place has a peak height of 282 meters (!) and boasts a spectacular 360-degree view of Singapore skyline.



Breathtaking view from 1-Altitude

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Karaoke – Singing our hearts, MBA style

by Ralph Camus, Filipino, Nanyang MBA Participant, Intake 2011

Some 20 Nanyang MBA students organized an MBA Karaoke session at the lounge of ‘one of the last bastions of unspoilt nature in this largely cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore – Raffles Country Club, a 25 minute drive from the central business district and less than that driving time from NTU. The lounge where we were going to test our vocal chords overlooked part of the 146 hectares of luscious land with a tranquil lake and rolling green hills plus a glimpse of the club’s two 18-hole golf courses. It was the first Karaoke Night organized by the MBA Student Executive Committee (Ex-Co) where we experienced an enjoyable and fun night of musical expression.

Together with my peers from the MBA program, we were joined by part-time MBA students, as well as our exchange classmates from Spain, the United States and Israel where we gladly  belted out power ballads from Aerosmith, Greenday, and even Tom Jones! One of our male Japanese classmates even tested out his vocal prowess with Lady Gaga songs, much to the delight of everyone. There was even a showdown between the ladies and the men, but modesty aside – we, the male participants, dominated the microphone and thus, the night. We sung like there was no tomorrow and hogged the microphone until closing time.

Our exchange peers from the USA, Christine (left) and Israel, Olga (right) with our classmate Janina (center)
Our exchange peers from the USA, Christine (left) and Israel, Olga (right) with our classmate Janina (center)
The men of Nanyang MBA dominated the singing
The men of Nanyang MBA dominated the singing
The ladies showing us how to dance the almost forgotten – Macarena dance.
The ladies showing us how to dance the almost forgotten – Macarena dance.
Harutaka-san (holding the microphone) belted out Lady Gaga songs
Harutaka-san (holding the microphone) belted out Lady Gaga songs

What made that night more fun was that some members of the MBA Office shared laughter and musical notes with us as they added vocal power to the event.

The karaoke night turned an ordinary Tuesday night into a lively gathering of friends, acquaintances and good music. Now that we have discovered who has the powerful voices and the grooviest dance moves accompanying the singing, we are sure that this is definitely not the last karaoke night for our cohort.