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Getting ready for the MBA soccer tournament in Hong Kong

After the success of the MBA Olympics, here comes another event for our NBS soccer team: A prestigious soccer tournament organized by HKUST, where schools from all over Asia are competing for one common goal: the trophy!

The entire NBS team is very motivated to participate in this great tournament and every player is excited to represent Nanyang Business School once again in a interscholastic sporting event.

To get ready for Hong Kong, the sports club organises regular practice sessions, during which the team focuses on improving endurance, moves and skills. As part of the tournament preparation, the NBS MBA team played a friendly match against the RSIS batch.

The game was a great learning experience and enabled the players to apply some of the skills developed during practice. It was a fantastic match with a lot of fun on both sides, which will likely be repeated in near future.

Sport Event Anoop

The NBS MBA team vs RSIS team – a friendly match!


Cricket World Cup – Go India!

Though cricket is the sport most followed by Indian sports-lovers, the encounter between India and Pakistan is a special occasion for each and every Indian and Pakistani. Once the match schedule is released, Indians and Pakistani alike will try to avoid agreeing to any important appointment on the  day when India and Pakistan meet on the field. This is the time when a sense of unity is felt among all Indians and everyone has only one thing on their mind: their country team must win the match!

To allow all MBA students from other countries to share the joy and excitement, the Sports club organized a Live telecast of the India -Pakistan world cup match at a big screen on campus on March 19 . The event did not only allow the multinational bunch to spend fun times togethers, but was also platform used by many Indians to teach other students the basics of cricket.

While spectators from all around the world enjoyed learning about a  sport previously unknown to them and joined the excitement of watching their first cricket match, the Indian students especially enjoyed the win of the Indian team.

Both, teams and supporters, certainly gave 100%  and watching the cricketers, and their fans, helped the cohort to not only understand each others national pride but also made everyone relate to the competitive strategies discussed in the MBA classes.


                       Students watching cricket on campus – a breath-taking match!

The 6th MBA Olympics – let the games begin!

On 17 January 2016, business students from all over Singapore gathered in the Sport and Recreation Center of the NTU campus to compete in the 6th MBA Olympics, hosted by The Nanyang MBA team.

The volunteer interscholastic sporting event brought together the MBA students from NBS, NUS, SMU, ESSEC and SP Jain to meet for a friendly competition of badminton, basketball, football, table-tennis, running relays and volleyball.

After Prof. Nilanjan Sen, the Associate Dean of the host school, Nanyang Business School, addressed the students with encouraging opening remarks, a horn was blown to officially kick-off the competition and send contestants off to the field. Despite intense heat and humidity, all contestants exhibited great competitive spirit and overwhelming stamina throughout the tournament.


Prof. Nilanjan Sen addressing the students to kick-start the competition

The event schedule was tightly organised and players who participated in more than one of the Olympic disciplines hurried from one court to the other to support their teams. To refill the contestant´s energy reserves and boost the competitive spirit, the event sponsor Kashmi, provided 100PLUS energy drinks, Red Bull had donated their famous energy drinks to give students “wings”, Bayer offered Berocca multi-vitamin tablets to boost energy and mental sharpness, and the Soup Spoon gave out coupons for a hot meal at their food outlets.

After a hectic morning with group competitions in all disciplines, players gathered at the running track to enjoy a lunch break. Students had the opportunity to network, make new friends, and regain energy for the next round of competitions. Often, the race between schools was tight and supporters had to give their every bit of energy to cheer on their teams at the top of their voices. Being the event´s organiser, NBS had the advantage of having their school mascot around. Rondel Apelo, a Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA student, could not care less about the extreme outside temperatures and put on the heavy plush costume of NTU´s official mascot, Lyon, to cheer on his classmates, and of course, be the accessory in many memorable photo shoots.


Mascot “Lyon” with NBS students

The final winners in the respective disciplines were awarded with bronze, silver and gold medals to honour the tremendous efforts and great sportsmanship of all players. Professor Pete Giulioni, Head of the NBS Career Development Office, proudly handed over the many medals to the exhausted contestants and congratulated every student on their outstanding performance as well as good sportsmanship. “This was a terrific day”, Pete stated with a beaming smile. “I am truly impressed by hospitality exhibited by all our students.”

Prof Pete was assisted by a crowd of agile volunteer helpers who had formed the event organization committee from the NBS cohort. The MBA Olympics event committee had done a great job in preparing for the tournament, setting up the venue and taking great care of all players throughout the game day. Everyone had given their best efforts to make the event a success and the Nanyang Sports Club Co-Chairs, Sancho Cuasay III and Anoop Bolisetty, were truly delighted. “We are proud that all guests had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day”, said Sancho after a long day of coordinating the various matches of the day. “Thankfully, nobody got hurt and we only heard good feedback from all participating schools”, Anoop added.


Action on the football field

The purpose of the full day sports event was not only to measure up to each other in various sports disciplines, but also to raise awareness for a noble cause among future business leaders. The event sponsors, Lee Foundation, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas, offered generous donations to support the sporty students in their fundraising endeavours. All surplus funds raised from the event were donated to Special Olympics Singapore, the beneficiary of this year´s MBA Olympics. The NBS Corporate Social Responsibility Club Co-Chairs, Aki Narita and Gauri Agarwal, proudly presented a cheque in the amount of SGD 5,000 at the end of the awarding ceremony.


Singapore Special Olympics receiving a SGD 5,000 cheque

Upon honouring all players and teams for their efforts to support the 6th MBA Olympics, and presenting the trophy for the title “Overall Champion” to the winning school SP Jain, the event was closed with a friendly football match between the Singapore Special Olympics and a mixed team of all school´s football players, just before sunset. A truly successful event!


The trophy for the “Overall Champion”

  ….and medals for all teams !


The NANYANG MBA Olympics – Collaboration Through Competition for a Cause

By: Eric Oandasan, Filipino, Nanyang MBA Intake 2011
Club Co-Chair, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The vaguely bright Sunday early morning of 18th March at the NTU Sports & Recreation Center came in with a flurry of activity: banners being hung, tables carefully unfolded, balls being rigorously pumped with air, heaps of goodie bags and canned drinks unloaded. At 9:00 AM, groups of participants from various Singapore MBA schools came in droves to register, collect goodie bags and start stretching exercises in preparation for the long day of sports. The morning was filled with anticipation, excitement, and a sense of hopefulness that the typically unpredictable Singapore weather will keep the athletes dry and cool.

The NANYANG MBA organizers
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Let's do exersice – Friendly Bowling Competition

by Ng Wei Fang, Singaporean, Nanyang MBA Participant, Intake 2011

Engaging in sports is one of the many venues to foster team spirit and camaraderie, and often times it brings out the best in people – to become leaders, team players and great supporters in a ‘more fun way’. That is why we recently had our first bowling event where we had all the ingredients we want in a sports activity – getting fit, having fun and fostering team spirit and camaraderie with not only with our MBA peers, but also with the MBA Office staff.

Our batch’s first ever organized ‘friendly bowling’ tournament was held last September at the Orchid Bowl at The Chevrons, a vibrant and relaxing bowling facility located in the west side of Singapore. There were over 50 MBA participants from our batch (new cohort) and outgoing batches, together with members of the MBA Office who participated and shared the fun with each other

As The NANYANG MBA prides itself with its student diversity (well, we have 18 nationalities in our current cohort!) and how we work together as a team, we were divided into 8 groups that consist of a mix of at least 2 nationalities. Our teamwork came into play in a different setting – bowling! As our Thai classmate Chaweewan puts it, “The bowling session creates unity within the cohort. We get to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. It also creates a good opportunity for the full-time MBA students to meet with our part-time classmates.”

As the games progressed, we witnessed strikes, spares and splits. We screamed and cheered, even if the ball rolled into the gutter. Curved balls, dead balls and even gutter balls – you name it, we have done it. And the way these balls were thrown, add up to the excitement and anticipation whether we could make a strike or just hit the plain gutter. In fact, there were many tries that went down the drain. Nevertheless, we had fun, and our resilience to be the best in what we can do in bowling, just shows that we strive to beat the odds, in whatever we do. And I believe that this makes us Nanyang MBA students to be more successful later in life.

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Not sparing the strikes at The NANYANG MBA

Author: Andrew Humphreys, VP for Social and Sports, Student ExCo 2011

What started as a friendly warm up among thirty MBA students turned into a healthy competition of strikes and spares between teams of three!

The NANYANG MBA Bowling Activity

Bowling between the MBA students! It was exciting to watch, many of us just couldn’t sit down. 

The NANYANG MBA Bowling Event

Though we didn’t know when our competitive spirits kicked in, we were all in the same frequency through out the competition.

The teams displayed their skills, and gusto. Sure, some were better than others but from where I was standing, we all had an equal share of fun! Esmond and Tai took down bragging rights as the top male and female bowlers of the day. This gave their teams crucial advantages in the competition and they played a really good game.

I think, even if you weren’t playing, it would still be pretty interesting to watch. For example, Rob, “Mr Consistency” actually scored 132 in all the three games he played. I am not entirely sure of how he managed but the coincidence in itself earned him the name.

The NANYANG MBA Bowling Event 2011

Nino claimed the title of “Mr High-Score” because he scored 161 in his second game and was undefeated for the rest of the day.

The NANYANG MBA Bowling Activity 2011

To the thirty of us who went, it’s been great fun and I do look forward to doing this sometime soon again. This time, maybe I’ll claim one of those titles and keep it for myself!

Scoring in the 2nd Asian MBA Football Cup

Author: Esmond Yan, MBA Student

Looking at this photograph will probably always succeed in making me smile. After all, we made it to the semi-finals as a team this year!

HKUST hosted other football teams from INSEAD, CEIBS, HKU, HKCU in this rough but thoroughly enjoyable one-day tournament. Our team was drawn in a group with HKUST Team 2, HKUST Alumni and HKU where our very own Italian stallion Henri Allegra scored 2 goals to take us into the semi-finals.

However, having the smallest team of only 9 players took its toll on us. Henri, Alexander, Gabriel, Andrew, Vincent, Benny, John and Rob – we all just had each other to lean on against some very skilled players. We really were at a disadvantage.

We lost to match the eventual champions, INSEAD. Still, we don’t walk away from this experience disheartened. We’re far from that, actually. The team showed great sportsmanship despite injuries and the rain. There really wasn’t room for defeat anyway, because at the after-party, everyone felt like a winner. We went to Republic, a posh club in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fung district, a generous treat by the host!

After all that hard work and good play, we were sore everywhere by the end of the trip. We still find the experience worth it though. It was great fun to compete and at the same time, we got to network with other MBA students of different nationalities.

The best part was getting to bond with each other and functioning as a team. I really feel like we did win a great prize and we’re walking away with it. This prize, to me, is invaluable. This event led me to meeting some great individuals indeed, and I relished every step of the way.

We definitely scored, if you ask me.

Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore

Singapore’s very proud moment culminated in a ceremonial close two nights ago, with
President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Mr Jacques Roc, handing over
the symbolic Olympic flag to Mr Ji Jianye, mayor of Nanjing, the 2014 host city of the
second Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

Singapore has long been in plans to be the host country of the world’s first Youth
Olympic Games, slated for 2010. Back in 2007, it put together a pitch committee
including members from governmental agencies MCYS, SSC and SNOC to prepare
Singapore’s bid. Its vision was to leverage on the golden opportunity to host talented
young athletes from all over the world to celebrate diversity, friendship and hope a for
a better future through the promotion of the Olympic ideals.

Our young, small and multicultural nation was indeed the ideal site to fulfill the
objectives of YOG as conceptualised by the IOC. Outbidding the other bigger bidding
cities of Athens, Bangkok, Moscow and Turin, Singapore was declared host in
February 2008 via a live telecast from Lausanne, Switzerland, where the IOC held its
final meet.

Amongst some key capabilities that Singapore was selected on, were its education
and culture, accommodation, security, technology and transport. However what
strongly stood out, was its nature as a multicultural nation where people of different
ethnicities, cultures and histories live in harmony and respect one another. Singapore
is also internationally recognised for its integrity and commitment to fair play.

Over the next two years, Singapore worked hard in preparation for the big day.
It involved its citizens and residents in YOG’s branding aspects, and put together its
representing teams for the games. The first YOG Learning Centre was set up to allow
visitors to discover and experience the spirit of Olympism and trace Singapore’s
journey in hosting the YOG.

The city state also invested much in engaging youths from all over the globe through
digital media. A YOG mircosite named “WhyOhGee” was set up to house the most up-
to-date information, facts and trivia, games and even a virtual community on the 26
Summer YOG sports as well as stories of sports personalities. Some 3594 young
athletes are slated to compete in these sports comprising 201 events.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was picked over National University of
Singapore (NUS) as the accommodation of choice for these athletes and the Youth
Olympic Village, also known to NTU as a ‘Garden, Village, Home’ was created.
Refurbishments to hall rooms and enhancements to training facilities were carried out
to create the best home-away-from-home living experience for them.

A world-class performance was also planned to welcome the athletes in the opening
ceremony on 14 August 2010, on the world’s largest floating platform which would
become the stage to 7000 performers. Technical experts from France, Germany,
Belgium, Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom
including Technical Director Nick
Eltis, Lighting Designer Koert Vermeulen, Special Effects Designer Jean Kohler,
Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Designer Michael Lakin, Flames Designer Francois Montel,
Sound Designer Scott Willsallen, Set Designer Raja Malek and Multimedia Director Brian
Gothong Tan, were roped in to ensure perfection to this display of theatre, music,
song, dance and multimedia shows. All of this was to be played out against the
stunning backdrop of Singapore’s Marina Bay.

And indeed, Singapore lived up to its name of always striving for the best. The next
12 days saw perfect co-ordination in terms of logistical arrangements, traffic
management and provision of resources. At YOG’s closing ceremony, Olympic
Committee President Jacques Rogge said the inaugural YOG has vastly exceeded his
highest expectations. “I did not expect this level of perfection,” he said of the
organisation – about a third of the scale of a Summer Games – in his closing press
conference at the Marina Bay Sands. “Hats off to Singapore for what they’ve done. I
now have 22 Olympic Games under my belt, and this YOG is ranking at the very top.”
The event, which caters to athletes aged between 14 and 18, has been championed
by the Belgian since he became the Olympics chief in 2001.

Let’s recap some exciting sporting moments of YOG 2010.