Graduate Studies Blog

Article contributed by Esha Agarwal, Class of 2019 

After continuous back and forth, rescheduling, and a chance of our event almost getting cancelled we finally organized our first event – a expert speaker series, on 10th October 8-10am.

We had three experienced professionals for the event and they were Jonathan Vowels – Operations Director Singapore at British American Tobacco, Naman Gupta – Business Operations and Consulting at GRAB food SEA, and Hussein Sulaiman – Head of Operations Singapore at Zilingo.

Given this was our very first event, we wanted people to hear directly from professionals in this field, unrestricted by Industry. Thus, we chose speakers that represented both traditional business as well as the more online upcoming sectors.

The event started with each speaker introducing themselves after which they were open for all questions by the cohort. We decided that this was the best format for our first event since the cohort would ask the questions relevant to them and take away the most from the event. Various interesting questions and topics were discussed such as the threat for traditional players with everything shifting online, the importance and use of data collected across the industries, difference in operations between big and small players, etc.

By 9:30am the formal event ended, after which there was a networking session with the speakers over breakfast. The event came to a close at 10am.

We are thrilled with how our first event turned out and look to raise the bar with following events. A huge shout out to everyone who made the event possible.