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Beach Cleaning Event

Article contributed by Pijarin Chotechaungmanirat

A dirty environment is a sign of social decay. A dirty environment especially in tourist destinations, not only affects the local people but also overall society as a whole. A dirty environment, definitely affects the country’s reputation negatively, hurts country economy and harms fitness and wellness of people in society.

With beach clean-up activities, participants get to experience how hard it is for cleaning staff to clean up the mess and think more about litter. The activity was seen by many people at the beach and posted on social media, which will raise awareness about clean environment.The beach clean-up activity was done under the consent of national environment agency. East Coast park is one of Singapore’s most treasured urban getaways and there are activities for everyone. Families and friends can sit back, relax and enjoy picnics. At East coast park, there are areas for jogging, aerobic exercising, drinking and socializing. National environment agency provides with the guidelines on beach clean-up procedures and are ready to support if we have any inquiry.

During the activity, participants were distributed into groups. Participants were provided full equipment to work on cleaning, and to separate the recycled and non-recycled trash. CSR club provided participants with black and white garbage bags, in which black is for general waste and white is for recycled waste including plastic bottles, plastic caps, metal can, metal cap, and glasses. Participants weren’t supposed to pick up natural objects such as fallen fruits, leaves, dead animal carcasses, driftwood, sea shells and sea weeds, as these are part of nature and nature will take care of them. In addition, CSR club also provided rubber gloves for everyone for hygiene and to protect their hands from sharp or any toxic objects. Insect repellents were also provided.

The length of clean-up process was 2 hours and the assigned area of our team responsibility was area C, which is 2 kilometers long. Our participants had to clean both the beach area and the park area. After participants finished cleaning, we met up at the meeting point, to distribute wet wipes and drinks, and talk about the result and effect of our activity. During the clean-up process, the local people joined in and helped by picking up the trash. Parents also educated their kids about what we were doing and local kids also helped out with the activities.The activity was a success. We got to do good thing together, give back to society and bring about awareness on clean environment. Even though, we were a small group of people but if we keep raising awareness and more people join in. Eventually our voice will reach everybody.