Article written by Venkatsubrmaniam Wuppuluru

11th July 2016 – First day of Nanyang Fellows MBA program. Personally, for someone who is going back to school after 9 long years, there were mixed emotions. There were some, in our cohort, who were coming back to school after 25 long years. A lot depended on the orientation week, which I believed would ultimately set the tone for the rest of the year.

Day 1 of orientation: The first half dedicated towards completing joining formalities. Post which, we were treated to an enticing lunch, followed by the welcome & introduction session, presided over by the Associate Dean and senior leadership of the Nanyang Fellows MBA program. We were also given briefings on the programs

A team building activity was scheduled for the second half of the day. The venue for this event was Cookyn Inc. The required the entire cohort to be split into multiple teams, roll up our sleeved and test our culinary skills. Thankfully, we had experienced chefs, who were guiding us in our humble efforts to make dishes, which eventually had to consumed by the ones who made it. The thought of having to eat the food prepared by ourselves meant, the cohort gave it their best shot. In the retrospect, I strongly believe the effort, put in by the cohort to study the finance module, would be a fraction of the efforts they put in to make those yummy dishes.

This event was the perfect start to get the ball rolling and paved the way for the students to get to know each other.