Article contributed by Jennifer Lee, MBA Class of 2019.

‘Japanese Language and Culture Club’ in Nanyang MBA had a fruitful second gathering at MBA Lounge on Saturday, November 25th. Thanks to the help of Japanese students’ family, we could learn and enjoy traditional Japanese festival dance and origami – paper folding art. This time we prepared catering food and homemade salads to enjoy delicious food at dinner time. Special thanks to Erzwin who contributed to the extra supply of beer and wine for the event.

“Well prepared club event with a clear theme, nice presentation, attractive dances and delicious food! Jonathan and I had a very nice time there. Really appreciate the efforts of two co-founders and look forward to the next one!” – Helen

“As the sun descended upon the western horizon, music was playing in the hills of NTU. It was coming from a small room. And from that room, much laughter accompanied the food and drinks which were passed around. It was another MBA Japanese Language and Culture Club event where love flowed free and people enjoyed each other for their sincere company. This evening witnessed another quality meet-up session where Japanese folk dance and origami folding were shared. Tony and Masa presented their Japan trip on slides and everyone had a great time!” – Erzwin