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Home Of Global Leaders – A Journey From Philippines To Singapore

After working for 5 years and having explored many different work environments, from e-commerce, to transportation, to biotech industry, coming to the decision that I want to do MBA came easy to me. In an ever changing corporate and economic landscape, one must be resilient to survive. Thus, it is most relevant for me to acquire a more versatile soft skillset in order to easily adapt.

In choosing which university I will ultimately choose, looking at the global rankings of the school is one thing; it is another to know the vision of a university, how it nurtures global leaders, and how it fosters inclusion and diversity especially for a Filipino woman like me.

I selected Nanyang because I believe in its competitive standard and in its integrity of curating a diverse and inclusive community as they have consistently done so in the past. In choosing NBS, I am also signing up to be a part of a cohort of 20 and more nationalities, 40% of which is made up of powerful and talented female candidates. The community is essential for me as they will serve as my support system as I step out of my comfort zone and venture into a completely new territory. On top of that, the strong background and experience of the cohort are also crucial in creating the best learning experience for everyone.

Furthermore, the opportunity to further increase my exposure to the global business scene through the Nanyang-Waseda Double Degree program appealed to me. Early in the program we were already able to interact with the Japanese students from Waseda University.  Aside from having a fruitful academic module and company visits together, we also had a meaningful sharing of our rich cultures, from exploring food together to singing Japanese drinking songs!

Lastly, Nanyang creates an environment that allows continuous cultivation of our talents and ideas. Our engagement does not end on learning about the technicalities of a balance sheet and the time value of money. We, as candidates, are very much involved in school initiatives such as CSR events, leadership programs, ambassadorships, and international competitions. Moreover, as a woman, my role as a leader is also celebrated in avenues such as Women in Business clubs where we engage with influential women. In the process we are constantly learning more about our strengths and our aspirations, while embodying the values of the university.

It’s only been a few weeks since the program started, but it has been eventful thus far. I can confidently say that I am surrounded with passionate and talented people who are in a pursuit of something greater and who motivates each other to do better. In the short while that I have been here, I have grown much more than my expectations. I have discovered things about myself that I didn’t know I am capable of accomplishing. It makes me optimistic where else this journey will take us. Although uncertain, there is one thing I can say for sure: I am in the right place in NBS!

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