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Are You Future-Proofing Your Career

Critical Skills Human Resource Leaders Need in High-Performing Candidates
In a 2012 Oxford Economics study, 352 HR professionals were surveyed on the skills needed for the future workplace. Survey participants agreed that advances in technology (42%), globalization (41%), shifts in labour demographics (38%), customer needs (38%) and competition (38%) have the most impact in transforming the talent requirements of their organizations.
These transformations do not just impact the financial and operational dimensions of the organizations but also the skill sets of employees, many of whom these companies must hire, train, retain or retrench to better meet the future and complex challenges ahead, domestically, regionally and internationally.


Many of the respondents in the study agreed that with these transformations, employee skill sets need to be rethought across all levels of employment.
Broadly, here are the four areas of highly demanded skills human resource leaders look for and why they are so rare, critical and needed in meeting the transformations taking place at your workplace.
  1. Digital Skills
  2. Agile Thinking
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Global Competence
Conclusion: The Future is Volatile and Uncertain, But it is Possible to Future-Proof it.
As organisations accept and see the need to transform their businesses, the demand for employees with the above four skills and beyond will increase. This is more pronounced in emerging markets in Asia, where the need for new employees is expected to rise. This means that Asian markets will begin to attract pools of relevant talent from developed (and growing) nations to meet these talent demands.
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