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Present Position:


How was your professional journey after NBS up till your present role? (Mention internships, job changes etc.)

I did a company-sponsored full-time MBA (Bayer) and received a promotion with completion of the MBA. I returned to the global IT department in the new job as an organizational change manager in program and project excellence. Shortly after my return from Singapore to Germany I went on a short term assignment (for 6 months) to the US. In Germany I worked in experimental modes for agile ways of working.


Tell us about your current role and what inspires you to pursue this daily?

2 years after the MBA (so just recently) I switched to our Internal Audit department doing now IT Auditing.
This role gives me a way to have relatively high influence and visibility for the age and seniority level that I’m at.
I will be traveling a lot and having the opportunity to meet in person worldwide with the various (mainly IT) teams and to enable the company for early detection of issues and for overall better processes, structures, and implementations.


Connection with NBS:


How relevant was NBS in your professional development? (please speak about alumni network, career fairs, education etc.)

The career office was supportive and their activities were helpful for future perspectives. Most valuable were the connections they enabled through real company projects (SPAN and other courses like Strategic Innovation Mgmt), and also the fairs you can go to.
I’m the regional NTU Alumni representative for Northrhine Westfalia Germany. It’s still a small alumni network here but on the rise.


Which person at NBS was the most impactful?

Several impactful persons. To name one, I would say Pete Giulioni (professor and then also head of the career office)


What advice would you give the current and future students to make their NBS experience better?

Don’t hesitate to address early on schedule clashes and other things that are hindering you. The administrative staff and professors are very open and supportive, and will accommodate your request if feasible and reasonable. E.g there might be deadlines piling or timings of classes unfortunate. Address it. Keep it to a reasonable level though.
See your MBA cohort as partners and friends! Strive for academic excellence without being unhealthily competitive towards your peers.


Your favorite hangout zone at NTU and why?

MBA lounge! Why? You should know why if you have seen it 😉


Your favorite memory of being at NTU.

There are so many and not all adequate to share via this form…here’s something to share:

    • Petting the hall cats (NTU cat management network) – consider volunteering! Send some love to Rusty and Snowfoot.
    • The many social activities we did together also created lasting memories and fun stories.
    • The business study mission in Tokyo was unforgettable!

Don’t miss out on the fun in your MBA!


If given a chance, would you like to come at the campus and interact with the present cohort?

I sure would, though I’m too far away, if my schedule shall bring me to Singapore I will surely drop by.




Which course(s) did you find the most interesting?

Global management of human capital, Strategic technlogy & innovation management, Life Sciences: A business perspective, Tech & e-business, Managing change in the workplace, and Mandarin classes.


In your domain, which companies did you find most friendly to interact with during the internship/job search?

My job search was already long time before the MBA and then, out of all the several companies I talked to, it was Bayer by far.

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