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[Why NBS] with MBA alumni Calliste Kouadio.

Present position:


How was your professional journey after NBS up till your present role?
(Mention internships, job changes etc.)
I fully embarked in entrepreneurship. I partnered with a friend, chartered accountant, to launch a consulting firm targeting SMEs. The company was created in 2010. Our approach is to offer expertise at highly competitive rate to SMEs. They largely cannot afford consulting services proposed by established firms such as PwC or KPMG. The idea is to use a pool of highly experienced freelance consultants to deliver cheaper yet first-class services in various areas among others, technology (software development mainly), strategy, corporate finance, accounting, organization, training.

2. Tell us about your current role and what inspires you to pursue this daily?
With my partner, we are fueled by the idea of contributing in shaping our country economy. In fact, in Ivory Coast (as it is in all developing countries), 9 out of 10 jobs are generated by the private sector which is mainly composed of SMEs. SMEs are thus the engine for economic growth and helping them solve actual problems is what drive us.

Connection with NBS:

3. How relevant was NBS in your professional development? (please speak about alumni network, career fairs, education etc.)
NBS equipped me with all necessary knowledge and resources to scale up this venture.
4. Which person at NBS was the most impactful?
I particularly enjoyed the economics and strategy classes. Prof Gibbons and Siriwan was inspirational and highly instructive during lectures and discussions.
5. What advice would you give the current and future students to make their NBS experience better?
More interactions with other programs may be something to explore.
6. Your favorite hangout zone at NTU and why?
North Spine. I used to seat there for reading and individual assignments.
7. Your favorite memory of being at NTU.
The orientation week.
8. If given a chance, would you like to come at the campus and interact with the present cohort?


9. Which course(s) did you find the most interesting?
Strategy, Economics and Corporate M&A

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