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In this challenge, teams from NBS, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), INSEAD and ESSEC were tasked to create and present an innovative business solution targeting plastics in the world’s oceans.


From left to right: Muthamma, Shashank, Suriani and Vishwajit

Despite the triumph, the NBS MBA team spoke about their fair share of struggles while prepping for the competition. One of their biggest challenges was finding the best idea to develop into a comprehensive solution that is differentiated from the market and yet still has a significant impact on plastic reduction.

The NBS MBA team being presented with the certificate and trophy

One of the academic supervisors, Associate Professor Soo Han Sen from NTU’s School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), guided the team throughout the duration of the competition. Assoc Prof Soo’s expertise in technology helped the team to better understand the technology and the parameters to consider, while scaling the technology beyond the laboratory. In addition to his guidance, the team also conducted multiple interviews with their target audience to comprehend how they can introduce the product into the market.

The team shared three key factors which they felt contributed to their victory. Firstly, the integration of expertise from the two faculties – NBS and SPMS – was instrumental in the development of an innovative and comprehensive business proposal for the challenge. Secondly, apart from the environmental impact of the solution, the team also ensured that the business case was feasible, including the business model, financials and operational elements. Lastly, the friendship and knowledge gained during the MBA curriculum enabled the team to be critical yet supportive of one another’s ideas. This enabled them to be able to develop a robust and comprehensive business proposal that they are proud of.

The winning team also shared this piece of advice with future MBA participants: “It’s beneficial to reach out and connect with the science and engineering faculties to find out about the innovative work or research that has been done or is in-progress, as well as build a strong partnership to prepare for the challenge.”

The win reflects what NBS stands for: Innovate. Lead. Transform. It establishes how NTU’s tech and innovation ecosystem can be leveraged in every business domain to deliver sustainable results for a better future.

The winning team with their classmates who came to give their support