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Ong Yew Soon
President’s Chair Professor
School of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering

Yew-Soon Ong is currently President’s Chair Professor of Computer Science at the School of Computer Science and Engineering and Professor (Cross Appointment) of the School of Physical and Mathematical Science at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He serves as Director of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DSAIR@NTU) and co-Director of the Singtel-NTU Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence Joint Lab (SCALE@NTU).

Research Statement

The foci of Dr. Ong’s work is in the research and development of new concepts and theories in Memetic Computation that mimics biological evolution and cultural evolution (imitation & learning), otherwise known commonly as the new science of memetics which is the mind-universe analogue to genetics, stretching from anthropology, biology, cognition, psychology, sociology to socio-biology. The concepts and theories derived in the form of artificial and computational intelligence are then adapted into operational algorithms for solving real world problems in the field of arts, business & finance, digital media, education and science & engineering.

Other affiliation(s)

Director, Singtel Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence Lab for Enterprises (SCALE@NTU)

Director, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Centre

Director, A*Star SIMTECH-NTU Joint Lab on Complex Systems

Chief Artificial Intelligence (CAS) Scientist, A*Star

Expert Areas

Research Interests
Artificial & Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary & Bayesian Optimization, Evolutionary Multitasking, Machine Learning, Memetic Computation, Multifactorial Optimization), Transfer Optimization

Research Category
Engineering & Technology
Research Sub-category
Computer Science and Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering
NISTH Assigned Topic Groupings
Smart cities, smart nation & future living, Tele-health, medicine, rehab & therapeutics
Affiliated Sustainable Development Goals

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13 Sep 2020