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Mariana Andrade
Assistant Professor, Division of Information Technology
Nanyang Business School

Mariana Andrade is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Information Technology and Operations Management at College of Business (Nanyang Business School). Her research has been published in top journals such as Information Systems Research and Research Policy. Before joining NBS, Mariana was an Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Technology at IE Business School. Mariana holds a Ph.D. in Innovation and Information Management from the School of Business at the University of Hong Kong. Prior to pursuing her Ph.D. studies, she worked in consulting, marketing, and banking in different geographical regions ranging from The Americas to Asia.

Research Statement

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of Information Systems and Strategic Management, spanning four main research areas: data analytics, digitally embedded economy, competitive dynamics, and IT business value. Further, I am intrigued to explore the granular mechanisms through which IT and other technologies influence firm performance and ultimately firm survival. In my research, I thrive to analyze overlooked and emergent phenomena that have relevant impact on corporations, such as technological innovation in emergent economies and interfirm linkages in hypercompetitive environments. Theoretically, my recent work focuses on integrating the principles of Ricardian rents (rare and difficult to imitate resources), market power (positioning in competition networks) and Schumpeterian rents (innovation) to maximize firm performance.

Research One-liner

A deeper understanding of how firms can use technologies to leverage different advantages both online and offline is becoming more significant to achieve organizational outcomes

  • Saldanha, T., Sahaym, A., Mithas, S., Andrade Rojas, M.G., Kathuria, A., Lee, HH. (2019). IT-enabled Social Integration Capacity and Exploratory Innovation: The Role of Global Cultural Diversity and Global Geographical Dispersion. Information Systems Research, .
  • Andrade Rojas, M.G., Ramirez Solis. E.R., Zhu, J.J. (2018). Innovation and network multiplexity: R&D and the concurrent effects of two collaboration networks in an emerging economy. Research Policy, 47(6), 1111-1124.
  • Andrade Rojas, M.G., Li, Y., Zhu, J. (2018). Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy Annual Conference: Social Innovation in Emerging Economies: An Ecosystem Built on the Collaboration between Firms and Government-Sponsored Institutions (GSI), and Knowledge Sharing. European Marketing Academy Annual Conference (pp. 1)Glasgow, UK: European Marketing Academy Annual Conference.
  • Andrade Rojas, M.G., Khuntia, J., Saldanha, T., Kathuria, A., Krishnan, M.S. (2016). Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS): Growth Oriented Digital Strategy and Long- Term Compensation of Chief Executives. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) (pp. 1)Dublin, Ireland: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS).
  • Andrade Rojas, M.G., Saldanha, T., Khuntia, J., Kathuria, A. (2016). Academy of Management Annual (AOM) Meeting: How IT Orientation Affects Obstacles and Facilitators of Innovation in an Emerging Economy. Academy of Management Annual (AOM) Meeting (pp. 1)Anaheim, CA.: Academy of Management Annual (AOM) Meeting.
Latest Projects

Complex Networks in Blockchain, IT-enabled innovation, Cyberbullying, Complex Networks between firms, Competition Networks, Business Analytics, Social Impacts of IT, Government-Firm Alliances, Green Innovation.

Other affiliation(s)

Expert Areas
Complex Networks, Information technology, Innovation, Strategic management

Research Interests
Competitive dynamics, Data analytics, Embedded economy, IT business value

Research Category
Accounting, Business & Management, Engineering & Technology
Research Sub-category
Business and Management, Info-Communication Technology, Interactive Digital Media
NISTH Assigned Topic Groupings
Smart cities, smart nation & future living
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GOAL 17: PARTNERSHIPS – Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.
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05 May 2020
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