Finding a job: passion or money?

1 – Kenni, AGE, BUSINESS Y1hontu1-kenni

“Both passion and money are equally important – if I am not passionate I will not find satisfaction in it. However, the pay has to be reasonable as well.

2 – Po Yi, 21, SOCIOLOGY Y1hontu1-poyi

“I find the mere pursuit of money unsustainable without the luxury of time to spend it. The pursuit of greater wealth never ends, so why bother setting it as the finish line? On the other hand, passion will be a huge motivation to an individual when the going gets tough.”

3 – Kelvin Eng, 21, ENGLISH Y1

“No matter how much money I make, it is meaningless if I am not really happy with what I am doing. That said, we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and subsistence is a priority.”

4 – Joshua Ong, 22, PUBLIC POLICY Y2hontu1-josh

“Idealistic as it sounds, passion is important to me. I would rather live on the street and do something I love than be rich and do something I hate. Love of money is a weight that drags you into the pit of despair.

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