Looking for a space to hold your event? There are a variety of vibrant spaces and facilities in Lee Wee Nam Library to host your events and exhibitions.

The spaces at Lee Wee Nam Library are organized in the following zones:

  • Events Space – Open setting for talks and events with amphitheatre style seating
  • Exhibition Space – Spacious areas to share and showcase your research and projects
  • Collaboration booths – Working areas for groups to come together for discussions
  • Digital Workbench – Create research plans and projects using cutting-edge technologies and tools
  • Digital Screens – Various screens to publicise resources, services and events

If you are a member of the NTU Community, you are welcome to collaborate with us to:

  • Reach out to your target audience through a variety of publicity channels
  • Meet and connect with your intended audience in a comfortable and collaborative setting
  • Share findings and showcase your work to NTU students and staff
  • Network with NTU students, faculty and researchers

Contact us if you are keen to hold an event, talk, exhibition or showcase at NTU Library. More info available here.

Below are some examples of our recent collaborations with University Wellbeing Centre and NTU Students’ Union.

University Wellbeing Centre (UWC)

NTU’s University Wellbeing Centre (UWC) worked with NTU Library to provide support for our students during the challenging exam period earlier this year in April. A booth was set up at Lee Wee Nam Library’s The Trantor to give out stress balls and collaterals on self-care tips and activities. We also adapted the relaxation techniques advised on the UWC website and produced a slideshow to be played on the digital screens around the library along with some inspiring quotes. A collage with exam well wishes from student was part of the slideshow as well.

NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU)

NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU) collaborated with NTU Library to promote their U-Care initiative on 18 April 2018. NTUSU members displayed their snacks and stationery on an Everblock®. booth at The Trantor at Lee Wee Nam Library. Students were encouraged to take the items and donate any amount within their means towards the U-Care initiative. The booth was constructed using the newly acquired Everblock®.