NTU Library aims to be a third space for students outside their classrooms, hall of residences and homes to discover new ideas, find collaborators, share findings and showcase their work. Lee Wee Nam Library (LWNL) is our flagship library and it offers a variety of spaces and facilities for students to use.

The spaces at Level 2 of Lee Wee Nam Library are organized in the following zones:

  • Events Space – Open setting for talks and events with amphitheater style seating.
  • Exhibition Space – Spacious areas to share and showcase your research and projects.
  • Collaboration booths & Learning pods – Working areas for various group sizes to come together for discussions and for individuals to do their work in a conducive environment.
  • Digital Workbench – A specialized workbench to create research plans and projects using cutting-edge technologies and tools.
  • PC Stations – Computers with single and multi screen monitor options for users and their groups.
  • Digital Screens – Various display screens to publicize resources, services and events.

Discover more about Lee Wee Nam Library and its interesting spaces below: