We are no strangers to “premium” content behind paywalls.



While it is possible that Factiva can help us bypass that paywall, sometimes, this may appear to be a little dry. Moreover, we may need an article in its print edition to study its layout for lessons.


Worse, stuff happens to Factiva for whatever reason.

At times like this, don’t you wish that you can browse through The Straits Times as if a paywall doesn’t exist?

Enter The Straits Times Online.

If you are using NTU’s LAN or WiFi networks, click Straits Times Online (for access via campus IP). You will be re-directed to The Straits Times’ homepage, and logged in as if you have a paid subscription. You can access the print edition, and the ePaper too!


Remember to log out when you’re done, as the system only allows a limited number of users at any given moment. Logging out is sharing, and sharing is caring!

At this point you might wonder, how about other news sites?

If you are a business or HASS student, chances are you may find yourself using The Economist, especially when some lecturers tout their articles. It is quite miserable to have access to only 2 or 3 articles per month, but fret not, NTU Library has a subscription. Not only can you browse them as if a paywall is non-existent, it is easier to access The Economist outside campus as compared to The Straits Times!

To browse the print edition of other newspapers or magazines online, check out PressReader.

Paywalls still exist but NTU Library helps us overcome some of them.

Get familiar with our library subscriptions and have fun exploring!


Feature Image: Parkour #02 by Josa Junior | CC BY-NC 2.0


P.S. by the Librarian:

  1. For Straits Times Online, we recommend to use only on PCs or laptops ; also, access via mobile app is not included in our subscription
  2. If you need the layout/PDF of SPH newspapers, use Newslink
  3. If you have trouble finding articles on Factiva.com, it’s usually because of the keywords used; ask a friend or get help