Did you know that the Centre for IT Services (CITS) provide a small server space for NTU staff to create their own personal website? You don’t need to apply or register for this personal website. By default, it is available via your own web folder.


Important details

  • Personal website is for NTU staff only. This service is not open to students.
  • A valid NTU network account is required.
  • This service is free.
  • You are limited to 100MB of disk space.
  • You will need to know at least basic HTML to create your own website.
  • Scripts are not allowed.
  • Creating a personal website is not compulsory.
  • The URL of your personal website is http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/xxxxx (replace “xxxxx” with your username).

Unfortunately, there are no pre-made templates nor in-built applications to create your own website. Basically, you will need to do it by scratch; so knowledge of HTML and CSS would be very useful. Do check out some books available at the library to get you started or improve your HTML and CSS coding skills.

Search NTU Library for books on

Search NTU Library for books on

Once you have completed the coding, save the finished product with the extension “.htm” or “.html” to your web folder. For the landing page or default home page, name the file as “index.htm” or “index.html”. Voila! Your personal website is ready.

Don’t want to do it by scratch? Here’s a workaround. There are many html templates available online for free. Download the template and use an editor like Notepad or TextEdit to fill in the relevant details and save it to your web folder.

Check out these links for some cool templates:

Check out the website directory to be inspired >>