Need to find less crowded areas to study in the library? Now you can instantly find out if there are free seats in Lee Wee Nam Library** from the convenience of your mobile devices. Before you head down to the library, you can view real-time seat availability by going to or viewing the floor plan above.

**As this is a trial, we’ve only installed the sensors at a small corner of Level 3 of the Lee Wee Nam Library, specifically the area to your left when you walk in from the main entrance.

With seat sensors installed in the library, you can now enjoy these benefits:

  • View real time information about the status of a seat
  • Track availability of seats anytime and on the go


By viewing the floor plan above or through, you can view the 51 seats which have these seat sensors installed. These sensors are able to detect whether a seat is occupied by utilising heat and movement sensors. Thus, it’s able to differentiate between a human and an object.

The data collected by all these sensors is shown on a webpage.

Is this useful to you? This service is on trial till end-May, do give it a try, and share your thoughts at Your feedback will help us in determining whether we should continue with this service.