Are you facing difficulties accessing any full text articles or any of NTU’s subscribed e-resources? If so, you are probably still using the old Full Text @ NTU Library bookmarklet. From 25 June 2019, we will be migrating our access gateway for e-resources. In order to continue enjoying access to full text articles, here are some simple steps you need to take:

1. Update your bookmarklet and delete the old one:

Install the updated Full Text @NTU Library bookmarklet on your preferred web browser as shown on this page. Please delete the old bookmarklet as it is no longer valid.

Drag & drop the new bookmarklet and delete the old one.

2. Check  your existing bookmarks to Full-Text resources:

If you have previously bookmarked any NTU subscribed e-resources, you would need to update it from 25 June 2019. If you see “” in any part of the URL, then those links will  no longer work. (For example: Please go to NTU OneSearch and search for these resources and bookmark them again.

Do give it a try and save the latest Full Text @ NTU Library bookmarklet on your computer and mobile devices. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at