Lee Wee Nam Library has many unique study spots that students treasure. Situated at Level 2, Chatsubo is a cosy study area like no other in NTU campus. It is also one of the über-beautiful corners in the flagship library that is very instagrammable.

The hot spot has recently been jazzed up with more than 20 specially selected indoor plants aiming to freshen up the air and to accentuate the relaxed ambience. Take it from us- you can now enjoy the mini oasis of greenery and relaxation that we have designed and brought to you while sitting at the comfortable sofa or one of the colourful chairs gazing at the fishes and shrimps swimming in the freshwater planted aquarium.

The indoor plants that were arranged and placed at the area are small indoor plants which need only minimal spaces and require less sun. We have examined, shortlisted and chosen the plants out from many types of beautiful indoor plants which include: Betel Leaf, Pothos, Chinese Evergreen, Song of India, Pachira, Peace Lily, Flamingo, etc.

The indoor plants purify the air around Chatsubo area as they grow. Together with AiQ, the air cleaning robot that is currently placed nearby and running 24/7, Library hopes to provide a healthy air environment for the students to study, learn, collaborate, share, innovate, relax, recharge and contemplate.

The next time you visit Lee Wee Nam Library, we hope that be it Griffin (the rainbow colour discussion pods) or Chatsubo; the individual study area at Level 2 or the quite study area at level 5, there will be a study place that you like to spend a copious amount of time with.

The indoor plants will outgrow the pots one day. We hope we will be able to invite you to transplant the baby plants from the parent plant into many other pots with us. Do join us if you wish to own a garden!