NTURO 2019

Endurance Beyond Limits


NTURO is a race for all multi-sports enthusiast to have a platform for competitive race for both the swim and run discipline. This race is a non-stop burst of swim-run-swim-run-swim-run without any breaks. With the added element of speed of transition during the race.

Participants will then not only enjoy the race but also to have exposure for newcomers venturing into this field of sport. This can be regarded as one of the platforms that will push the participants beyond their limits to see how far they can go.

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Relay Category

Team Relay Category is open to teams in groups of 3. Each member in the relay team will do 1 set of 300m swim and 2km run. 

Individual Category

Individual Category involves 3 sets of (300m swim and 2km run) 


Relay Category

Entitlements: NTURO’s Singlet, Swim Cap, Personalized Race Bibs and Drawstring bag

SGD$ per pax

Individual Category

Entitlements: NTURO’s Singlet, Finisher T-Shirt, Swim Cap, Personalized Race Bibs and Drawstring bag

SGD$ per pax

Click here for Race Entitlement (Race Pack) details
Relay Category Individual Category
  • NTURO’s Singlet
  • Swim Cap
  • Personalized Race Bibs
  • Drawstring bag
  • NTURO’s Singlet
  • Finisher T-Shirt
  • Swim Cap
  • Personalized Race Bibs
  • Drawstring bag


T-Shirt (Individual Category Only)




Swim Cap


Race Bib

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Drawstring Bag

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Race Information


16 March 2019

Time: 0700hrs – 1500hrs
Location: NTU Sports and Recreation Centre

Race Format

Relay Category

3 sets of ( 300m swim and 2km run )

Individual Category

3 sets of ( 300m swim and 2km run )

Swim Map

This is an overview of the swim route for each set. Each set consists of 300m swim, which is 6 laps of 50m.

Relay Category

Relay Category participants are to each complete a 300m swim.

Individual Category

Individual Category participants are to complete a total of 900m swim.

The swim will commence with 5 waves of 2 participants with an interval of 10 seconds per wave. All participants are to start at lane 1 position and exit at lane 2.

Only after participants have completed with their first 2km run, participants will enter from lane 3 and exit at lane 5 to complete their second 300m swim.

Upon completing the second 2km, participants will commence the last swimming segment by entering from lane 6 and exiting at lane 8.

Take Note

  • As a form of identification, Rubber Bands will be issued out to the participants after completing every swim set.
  • Participants are to wear the rubber bands at all times and not to lose them during the race.
  • All participants are to swim beyond and past the Buoy as indicated by the Red Dot 

Run Map

This is an overview of a 2km run route transiting from a 300m swim for each set. 




  • Runners must wear their race numbers clearly visible at the front of their apparel at all times.
  • Runners must run on the designated path for the entire route.


  • No bare torso is allowed at any time.
  • Wearing of headphones is not allowed at any time.
  • No discarding of items out of designated areas


  • Swimsuits must be worn.
  • Triathlon Suits are recommended.
  • All swimmers must wear the swim caps provided by the Organiser.
  • Swim goggles must be worn.
  • Swimmers in difficulty shall signal by raising an arm to the lifeguards on standby.


  • Fins, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any other swimming aids are not allowed.
  • Wetsuits are not allowed.
  • Support crews are not allowed. Any assistance, other than medical aid received during the swim will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Unauthorised personnel entry (other than the assigned volunteers, participants, and officials) are not permitted in the swimming area.
  • No discarding of items within the side of the pool, all items that are not needed during the swim must be placed in the transition area.
General Rules
  • The Organisers reserve the right to limit and refuse entries.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing the race.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to amend the Race rules without prior notification.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to amend the race course and venue without prior notice to participants.
  • On-site reporting and body marking will start one hour before the commencement of the race.
  • Prior to race day, in the event of inclement weather, force majeur or other hazardous conditions, the Organisers reserve the right to delay or cancel the race without any refund of registration fees.
  • Chief Race Officers and the corresponding Organisers have the overall authority over the race results and interpretation of the race rules. Participants shall be aware that while all possible care will be taken by the event organizer to safeguard the bag deposit items, the event organiser shall not be held liable in the unlikely event of missing or damaged items. Participants are advised to avoid depositing valuable or fragile items while using the bag drop service.
  • There will be a designated area for the public to support the race participants.
  • The Chief Safety Officer will determine if the competitor is deemed fit to continue the race once assistance is rendered
Race Entry
  • The Organisers will not be responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete and/or incorrect entry details given by the participants.
  • Once the registration form has been processed, there will be no fee refund for the participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part.
  • Participants must be 21 years old as of 15 March 2019 to compete in the Team or Individual Category.
  • On-the-spot entries will not be accepted.
  • Individual race entries are non-transferable. Any person doing so will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the race. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.


NTURO is a race sanctioned by Triathlon Association of Singapore.


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What is NTURO ?

It is an adaptation of Enduro race format that can be seen from Super League Triathlon races, the race is sanctioned by Triathlon Association of Singapore.

How do I get to the race venue ?
  • Public Bus Service 179 is available at Boon Lay Bus Interchange. Alight opposite Hall of Residence 6 and walk to Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC).
  • Another option is to take Public Bus Service 179 from Pioneer MRT Station Exit A and alight opposite Hall of Residence 6 and walk to Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC).
  • Alternatively, you may take Campus Weekend Rider (CWR) at Pioneer MRT Station Exit B bus stop area.

More information is available here.

What are the rules for the race ?

We follow conventional triathlon race rules, Click here to view.

Why is the Team Category race format changed to Relay Category ?

Due to popular demand, the NTURO Management Committee has changed the race format so as to allow everyone with different skill levels to participate in the race.

What is the evaluation criteria for Relay Category ?

A team of 3 participants will each do 1 set of (300m swim + 2km run).  

When the first member completes the 2km run, he/she will have to tap on the second member so that the second member can commence their segment. Same process goes for the second to third member.

I have a question that is not listed, how do I enquire ?

Email us your question with the email provided in the contact section.


For any queries, contact us at nturo@ntuaquathlon.com

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