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User Profile

Once registered as a blog user, you may edit your profile either:

  1. Via top menu display name.
    • Login to the blog.
    • Move your mouse pointer to the top right corner (usually where your name is displayed).
    • Click on the Edit My Profile link.
  2. Via dashboard.
    • Login to the blog.
    • Go to Dashboard > Users.
    • Click on the Your Profile link.

Insert/edit your name using the First Name/Last Name/Nickname fields. Select the appropriate display name accordingly. 

To upload an avatar photo, please go to Dashboard > Users > Your Avatar. Click on the Choose File button and select the image file to upload. Only jpeg, gif and png file are accepted. You will asked to resize the uploaded image. Please ensure that your profile photo does not infringe on any copyright or public decency laws. 

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