Multicolr Search Lab

TinEye, Ontario, Canada
Image by bandita via Flickr used under CC BY 2.0.

Description icon-questionA descriptive note detailing the content and context of the digital collection.

Powered by the TinEye MultiColourEngine API, Multicolr Search Lab allows users to search from “20 million Creative Commons images on Flickr” using colours. Users can select up to 5 different colours to search and refine their searches with tags.

Collection Type icon-questionBroad terms that define the type of digital collection

Notes on Usage icon-questionAdditional notes on the terms of use on the digital images in the collection.

The platform provides links to the actual image on Flickr. Users are required to check on the rights information of the respective images on the Flickr site. Under Creative Commons, citation is required by including the creator name, image title and any changes made.

e.g. Image by bandita via Flickr used under CC BY 2.0.

e.g. Image by bandita via Flickr used under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped from original.

For more information on acknowledging images with other citation styles, refer here.

Please read carefully and follow the license terms on Flickr with respect to each image before using it.