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History of Science, Technology & Medicine in East Asia

A course blog

Students taking this course extend and refine their individual research to develop and design a classroom exhibit about a set of artifacts in the history of science, technology, environment and medicine of East Asia. This project consists of 2 parts – the exhibit and a catalogue. The catalogue is a fully referenced, collaboratively written document that introduces and explains the objects and ideas. Each student team is also required to maintain a work log to keep track of their project activities and share their research abstract via audio.

Customised Functionalities

  1. Auto-feeding of posting via post categories. Spontaneous response – Students received immediate feedback from their peers and supervisor through post comments
  2. Embedding Library One Search. Embedding library resources – Direct linking to library resources allow easy access to resources required for class readings and assignments
  3. Audio sharing – Students can share information in a fun and personalized way using their recorded voices. Embedding audio.
  4. Video embedding – Video created or found on youtube and video channels like Vimeo can be easily embedded and played