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Student Projects Tracking Blog

A blog for faculty members to track the progress of student projects

Using a blog with a wiki plugin, students update the progress of their projects to their supervisors online. A landing page was created to include all the student projects as a listing and the latest project updates via site feeds for ease of tracking for the supervisor.

Customised Functionalities

  1. Single Platform: WordPress multi-site allows linking of multi-sites under 1 single site for ease of tracking students projects
  2. WYSIWYG Editor: ease of creating and updating of content using WYSIWYG editor without the need to use wikicodes
  3. Multi-media support: ease of embedding videos and image as part of the documentation

I think that this is a great tool to help me track the students progress for their FYP, as well as for the students to showcase their work and using it update me.

Assoc Prof Chng Eng Siong

Division of Hardware and Embedded Systems, NTU School of Computer Engineering